Wave Goodbye To Winter With These Warm-Weather Boating Destinations

Thu, Dec 21, 2023 at 12:12PM

Wave Goodbye To Winter With These Warm-Weather Boating Destinations

Winter is here... but only if you are! That is, from the comfort of your Monterey Boat, you can find a reprieve from the snow and the chill — you just need to know where to go. This season, why not heed the call of the sea by exploring a warm-weather destination on your boat?

If you’re thinking about swapping snowflakes for sunbeams, we’ve got five domestic and international destinations that might just fit the bill. Read on for a look at spots that blend boating, wakeboarding, waterskiing, and more!

The Florida Keys

It’s no wonder why the Florida Keys are a widely beloved boating paradise — flaunting clear blue waters, abundant marine life, and gorgeous vistas any way you look. (The Keys’ small size means you can enjoy sunrise and sunset with ease.) Key West and Islamorada, in particular, are hotspots for recreational boaters and anglers — but there are countless smaller enclaves up and down the island chain worth checking out, too.

Go snorkeling in the coral reefs, fish the flats, or try your hand at water sports in the calm waters! The Florida Keys have mastered the tricky balance between “serene” and “action-packed,” and its visitors are all the better for it.

Baja California

Jutting out from under California, Mexico’s Baja California is a stunning mix of desert landscapes and crystal-clear waters — with cities like Cabo San Lucas, in particular, delighting boaters who want a mix of adventure and relaxation.

Indulge in high-adrenaline activities like watersports, or explore the sea with snorkeling and fishing in the Sea of Cortez. Between adventure outings, be sure to reserve some time for simply enjoying the gorgeous Pacific views from the beach — or, better yet, your Monterey Boat. (A tip: When exploring a new destination like Baja California, check out local regulations and recommendations to know where you’re able to cruise and fish. A little bit of research goes a long way!)

The Bahamas

The Bahamas, with their easy accessibility from Florida and the United States, are a boater's dream. The Exumas offer an archipelago of pristine islands perfect for exploring by boat — where you can enjoy your tried-and-true water sports or try something new, like swimming with pigs at Big Major Cay! Clearly, humans aren’t the only ones who love this corner of the Caribbean.

Southern California

Oh, SoCal. There’s no one way to describe the stretch of shoreline (and accompanying Pacific blue) that stretches from Santa Barbara to San Diego.

A haven for boaters, the region offers a diverse range of on-the-water thrills. There are the rocky coastal cliffs that look beautiful from the vantage point of your Monterey just offshore; bays that offer tranquil reprieve from busier ocean channels; and remote stomping grounds, like the Channel Islands, where you’ll discover a back-to-nature escape that feels worlds removed from the hustle and bustle back on the mainland.

The Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands, both U.S. and British, are a patchwork of beautiful islands with protected bays and coves — ideal for anchoring your boat for a day of beach play, or a quick picnic between snorkeling sessions!

As you meander from island to island on your Monterey Boat, you’ll be struck by the natural beauty of the lush coastal landscapes and the communities that call them “home.” Who knew such a paradise was here — a hidden gem on the outskirts of the Caribbean?

At Monterey Boats, we know your boat is more than a smooth ride — it’s your ticket to freedom and adventure, too, especially when cold weather has you dreaming about a different kind of winter wonderland. We hope these warm-weather destinations offer the perfect escape from the winter blues, bringing you closer to sun-drenched coasts and exhilarating water activities.

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