Monterey Surf Edition Boats - Creating the Perfect Wave

Wed, Mar 20, 2019 at 9:50AM

Monterey Surf Edition Boats - Creating the Perfect Wave

Monterey Surf Edition Boats - Creating the Perfect Wave

Wakesurfing boats make the whole “Endless Summer” cliche’ more of a reality by creating endless waves for water enthusiasts. Those who are curious about how to build that kind of wave will try just about anything to help the ride last as long as possible. There are some tricks of the trade, so let’s take a look at what those are, to ensure this wakesurfing season is the best yet.


Weight the Vessel For Ideal Performance

Part of crafting the right wave is carefully considering where the weight in the boat exists. This includes people and additional weight that can be added to the vessel.

In general, if the rider is looking for a high wave, weight inside the boat should be towards the aft of the vessel with lighter weight scattered throughout the bow to smooth the wave out a bit. In contrast, placing weight at the bow of the boat will create a shorter wave height but one that is longer in length.

Adding weight with items such as ballast bags can also help in artfully crafting that perfect wave. Some boats, like Monterey Surf Edition Boats, come with factory ballast systems. Additional bags can be added depending on what the captain and rider are looking for from their waves.

For ‘regular-foot’ riders, weight on the port side of the vessel will help their riding experience. On the flip side, ‘goofy-foot’ riders should request weight to be placed on the starboard side of the boat.


Speed is an Art Form for Wakesurfing

Since each boat is going to perform differently under different conditions, it’s important to try out all types of speeds to learn what speed creates what kind of wakes.

Slower speeds might produce greater wave volume, but might not be enough to allow the rider to stay in control of the board. Faster speeds may improve board control but won’t offer wave height that enables the rider to perform tricks and stunts.

The best way to determine the right speed is to simply get out there, and try it out. Riders and captain should experience this so everyone can get a grasp on how the boat feels both behind the wheel and in the water.


Watch The Wake

Wake length says a lot about what the wakesurfer will experience. As a rule of thumb, a 10-15 foot wake usually delivers a solid wave for a rider. However, this can be difficult to determine as the captain is looking at the wake in parallel rather than from one side or the other. Try adjusting the speed of the boat to produce a wave that is roughly thigh-high on the rider, which should produce that ideal 10-15 foot wake.


Throw a Wave Party

The best trick overall is to gather a bunch of friends together for a “wave party” where everyone can work together to learn how the vessel performs according to weight, speed, and wake length. Additionally, do some research on the equipment the rider is using to ensure they are using the right gear for the experience they desire.  

Shift people from various places on the boat to get measurable results in how it changes the wave and rider experience. The results should be clearly visible and easily felt in the handling of the vessel.

Need more help with a Monterey Surf Edition boat? We would be happy to assist. Drop us a line and let’s see how we can help in both performances onboard and in the water. Or, find a retailer nearby and drop by for a visit.

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