How to Setup and Weight a Monterey Boat For Wakesurfing

Wed, Mar 27, 2019 at 9:30AM

How to Setup and Weight a Monterey Boat For Wakesurfing

Monterey wakesurfing boats are specifically designed for the best experience on the water. To achieve the very best performance, however, a vessel should be set up and weighted specifically for wakesurfing. The Summer months will be here soon, and now is the perfect time to start considering how to get the boat ready for wakesurfing bliss.

In this article, we are going to talk about how to weight a wakesurfing boat, how to use ballast bags, where to place passengers, and gear that can be used to set up the boat.


Weight a Monterey Boat for Wakesurfing

Wakesurfing, is obviously, all about constructing the perfect wake with the vessel. The Monterey wakesurfing boats are built to do this with a proper hull design that displaces water, so the ideal wake is produced. As water replaces that displaced water, the endless wave moves towards the vessel giving the wakesurfer non-stop wave action.

When more weight is placed at the bow of the vessel, the boat creates a shorter wake height, but a lengthier wake overall. And, the opposite is true. When more weight is placed in the aft of the vessel, the wake height will be greater, and the wake length will decrease. In order to increase the wake side to side, more weight will be needed on each side of the boat.

Placing passengers in these areas of the boat will play a role in what wake will be produced, so play around with where people are seated to understand how the weight impacts the wake itself. Soon after, wakesurfer guests will learn their preferences, and the captain can direct passengers accordingly.


Ballast Bags and Placement

The Monterey Surf Edition boats are designed to produce the right wake. With a high volume ballast system and WorX Surf Tabs, but adding weight can always add to the wake. This is where additional weight from ballast bags come in.

Before adding ballast bags, take into account the number of passengers and where they will be seated. This number can fluctuate from one trip to the next, but this should be considered before adding ballast bags.

The ballast bags are used to help the vessel sit in the water lower and will impact the performance of the boat. Crunch the weight calculations before making an investment on these bags as there is no need to get more than what you’ll actually use. Understanding where they should be placed and how much weight is actually needed is important before making that purchase. In general, ballast weight should be placed in one of the back corners of a vessel with lighter ballast weight evenly placed towards the bow of the boat.

*And just a quick tip. Do not trailer your boat with ballast bags on it. The extra weight can damage the boat or wear the structure down. The trailer will also be impacted which can result in wearing down the tires or blowing out wheel bearings.


Wakesurfing Wake Shapers

Finally, if the perfect wake is the mission, another quick and somewhat easy way to produce this is with a wake shaper. These are aftermarket options, that run anywhere between $60 to $500, and can shape the wakesurfer’s experience depending on how serious they are about their sport. This piece of equipment can usually be moved from one side of the boat to the other making it a versatile option for any vessel.

Creating the perfect wake is an art, and is likely going to take some trial and error before learning how weight and gear can improve the wakesurfing experience. This is also part of the fun. Captain and passengers can work together on weight and placements which will also reveal where the Monterey Surf Edition boat performs its best. Have more questions? Ask us about how to weight and set up a boat for wakesurfing by reaching out to use anytime.

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