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What Bowrider is Best - Our Top 5 Tips for Picking the Right One
Bowrider boats are designed to be versatile and comfortable for maximum action on the water.  A bowrider allows passengers to ride at the bow of the vessel while offering maximum sport-speed for activities like wakeboarding. There are numbers of features to consider when looking...
How to Setup and Weight a Monterey Boat For Wakesurfing
In this article, we are going to talk about how to weight a wakesurfing boat, how to use ballast bags, where to place passengers, and gear that can be used to set up the boat.
Monterey Surf Edition Boats - Creating the Perfect Wave
Wakesurfing boats make the whole “Endless Summer” cliche’ more of a reality by creating endless waves for water enthusiasts. Those who are curious about how to build that kind of wave will try just about anything to help the ride last as long as possible. There are some tricks...
CSI Awards for Monterey Boats in Three Categories
The National Marine Manufacturers Association for the marine industry has recently awarded Monterey Boats some of the most prestigious titles, and we couldn't be more honored. Here is a glimpse into how we can achieve these prestigious awards, which come from a long history of...
The Palm Beach International Boat Show Is Coming Soon
The 2019 Palm Beach International Boat Show will display more than $1 billion worth of boats including yachts, superyachts, 8-foot inflatables, and last, but not the very least, our line of Monterey Boats.