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Bring The Aromas Of Fall Aboard Your Monterey Boat
Fall is finally here — and with it, the arrival of warm, cozy autumn aromas. For outdoor lovers who consider their boat their second home (like all Monterey boaters!), it can be fun to deck out your on-board space with seasonal trappings, including delicious scents.
How Long Was The Longest Wakesurf Session Ever?
If you’re a water sports fiend, you probably love the thrill of a fast-paced Monterey cruise — or those smooth, perfect turns that blow a breeze through your hair. But while speed definitely has its place in water sports, slow can be just as impressive — especially if you’re,...
A Spooky, Splashing Savannah Adventure
Do you feel it in the air — the crisp chill of fall fun and a rapidly approaching Halloween? If you’re searching for a fun destination to bring your Monterey this October, Savannah might be calling your name.
Is Wakeboarding An Olympic Sport? Not Yet — But Don’t Rule It Out!
If you’re a wakeboarder, you know how much fun the sport can be for beginners and pros alike. While boaters of all ages love how accessible wakeboarding is, seasoned riders know that it can be demanding, too — especially as you try to up the ante with new tricks, speeds, and...
Cruising & Golf Destinations That Are Way More Than Par For The Course
August is National Golf Month — but it’s also the last full stretch of summer, the perfect time to soak in a few more rays on your Monterey. How do you choose between the two? That’s a sweet problem with an even sweeter answer: you don’t!