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How To Wakeboard - What You Need to Know
With wakeboarding being the latest phenomenon, it’s no wonder you’re curious to learn how to wakeboard. Especially if you have your eye on a water sports boat! Let’s dive right into how to wakeboard as a beginner.
Tips For Buying The Right Watersports Boat
So you want to purchase your first watersports boat? Knowing the right information or tips will help you narrow down your options and make this process more joyous.
Monterey 385SE Among The Best Bowriders Of America
Our Monterey family strives to overcome excellence in every model we build. With absolute precision and perfection, we take our time to create groundbreaking boats that everyone will love. Would you like to know how the Monterey 385SE came to be among the very best bowriders of...
Using Your Monterey Boat's Trim to Your Advantage
To maximize the control of your trim and address both of these issues — avoiding prop slip and making lateral adjustments — adding trim tabs to the transom is ideal. Here are some adjustments you should consider making to improve your boat’s attitude in each of the following sea...
How to Entertain Guests Aboard Your Monterey Boat
By day, your Monterey Boats offers endless fun in the sun and spray—but did you know that it’s just as apt at providing a deluxe dinner party environment come twilight? As the kids head back to school, and you’re in search of the perfect gathering spot for friends and family,...