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Do Reindeer Swim, Too?
Has your car listening routine shifted to non-stop holiday tunes yet? You’re not alone! This time of year is all about fun, festive music — lyrics about the nice list, roasted chestnuts, and even flying reindeer who ensure all of Santa’s gifts make it on time.
How To Make A Watercolor Holiday Card With Water From Your Favorite Lake Or Ocean
Looking for ways to switch up your holiday card game this season? No, it’s not too late to send out something beautiful — and no, you don’t need to wrangle together the whole family for a perfectly posed photo, if that’s not your style! Here at Monterey, we can’t think of a...
Finding North Pole On The Water
It’s the holiday season, and we boaters tend to fall into two camps at this time of year. One is for those who dream about bringing their Monterey boat to warm, balmy, tropical destinations — where they can escape every sign of winter and instead soak up some sun (and maybe get...
Cruising Through Cranberry History
It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a side of cranberry sauce at the table. Americans consume more than 5 million gallons of the stuff every holiday season, according to Ocean Spray, and it’s easy to see why! The tart fruit livens up a leftover sandwich and works equally well in...
Discover Gold Rush Gems On Your Monterey Boat
Nearly two centuries ago, hundreds of thousands of travelers traveled to California with glimmering visions of gold in their eyes — the Gold Rush was here, and they weren’t going to miss out on the loot hiding in the young state’s rocky terrain.