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Our Favorite Souvenirs Our Favorite Souvenirs As you venture out this springtime, you may be looking for the perfect souvenir for that special somebody back home. There’s no shortage of great discoveries to be made at the gift shop circuit, boardwalk, or resort you’re staying at—but for the sake of improving your search, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite souvenirs ever! Read More Taking a Look at Beach Nourishment Taking a Look at Beach Nourishment If you live near the beach (or are a frequent visitor to your favorite shoreline), it’s impossible not to think about issues like erosion or sand mining affecting the look and feel of the coast. Read More Why We Love Bodyboarding Why We Love Bodyboarding There’s something promising about the sheer simplicity of bodyboarding. When all you need is your body, some waves, and a trusty board, there’s no telling where the day will take you. Read More Can You Dig to China? Can You Dig to China? It’s a classic childhood pastime—digging (or trying, at least) a monster-sized hole that will give you easy inter-Earth passage to China, or another conveniently-located spot on the other side of the globe. Read More One-of-a-Kind Valentine’s Day Adventures One-of-a-Kind Valentine’s Day Adventures No one can deny the classic charm of a Valentine’s Day dinner date—after all, we call it a “classic” for a reason! But for those who crave an unconventional kind of Valentine’s Day—the kind where the only “reservation” you will need is a slip at your local marina—then your Monterey might be the perfect place to start. In today’s blog, we will be sharing a few on-the-water adventures to consider this Valentine’s Day. Read More A Look at the Electric Eel A Look at the Electric Eel Even the calmest bodies of water can be home to quite a buzz below the surface. That buzz comes our way via animals like the mysterious electric eel, who can produce a charge—sans any batteries or wall outlets! To learn more about zapping zoology and the unique applications it can have on our daily lives, take a look at today’s blog. Read More Blog Archive
Customer Photos
Elaine and John just purchased a 2017 - 378SE at the Annapolis Boat Show Paul & Shannon enjoying their Monterey Blackfin- Coty Marine, the Jersey Shore! Mr and Mrs Starkey taking delivery of their Monterey 184FS in all White, This boat is Stunning! The Warner family taking delivery of their new 2017 Monterey 204FS in beautiful Sapphire Blue Purchased brand new in 1991, Chris and Pam Hall are still having fun down in Mississippi on their Monterey 189SCR! “Rob and family enjoying their Monterey 355SY, courtesy of Irwin Marine in New Hampshire!” John and Brenda are a happy couple with their new Monterey 258SS from Quartermaster Marine in Halifax! "Happy 238SS Surf Edition customers at Roger's Performance Marine in Utah!" “A happy customer thinks Monterey Boats went to great heights at the Toronto International Boat Show!” “Captain Christian prepares to take the helm at Coty Marine in Tom’s River, New Jersey!”
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