Why We Love Bodyboarding

Sat, Feb 04, 2017 at 1:30PM

Why We Love Bodyboarding

There’s something promising about the sheer simplicity of bodyboarding. When all you need is your body, some waves, and a trusty board, there’s no telling where the day will take you.

Read on to see what we love about this classic way to ride the waves.


Who could pass up anything that would make their on-the-water routine a little simpler, and a little more carefree? We love new water gadgets as much as anyone, but sometimes it’s fun to head to your local beach with nothing more than your boat and bodyboard (or, as it’s sometimes known, boogie board).

This board is made for you to get as close to the waves as possible, to let you thoroughly enjoy every splash, slope, and—occasionally—wipe out into the waves. Since you typically bodyboard close to shore, however, you’re never far from a quick break and it’s always easy to resurface and try again.

An everyman sport

For tikes who want to enjoy the thrill of surfing—but might not be ready to brave the big waves just yet—bodyboarding offers a welcome alternative. As an “everyman sport,” it provides fun for every age and experience level. It also gives you a chance to mix things up—once you progress from easy, gentle rides along the waves, you can try your hand at a trick or two like catching air or performing mid-wave twists.

The add-on adventure

Bringing your Monterey out for an aquatic adventure? Don’t worry about packing loads of gear for fun on the water—your board is your ticket to fun when you want to disembark and ride the waves from a first-person perspective.

If you’re not already bodyboarding, why not get started? You can enjoy the thrill of self-propelled fun in lakes, oceans, and other enticing bodies of water. Just bring your board and you’re ready to go!  

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