Why A Monterey Boats Factory Tour Makes For An Unforgettable Summer Adventure

Mon, Jun 10, 2024 at 2:30PM

Why A Monterey Boats Factory Tour Makes For An Unforgettable Summer Adventure

Summer is finally upon us — and your Monterey sport boat gives you access to all the splashing thrills and laidback cruising the season has to offer!

There’s no shortage of beautiful beaches and lakefront cabins to explore. But if you’re looking for an unconventional summer vacation idea, why not pay a visit to the very place your Monterey Boat once called “home”?

That’s right: Monterey Boats proudly operates out of sunny Williston, Florida — and while our boats get to travel the world, all of their journeys begin right here at the factory! We love getting the opportunity to show our extended Monterey family around the factory, as it’s always special to get a behind-the-scenes peek at the love, detail, and craftsmanship that goes into every ride.

If you’re interested in learning more about tour opportunities, you simply need to fill out the form on our website — and one of our representatives will be sure to get in touch! In the meantime, just keep reading as we share a few fun reasons a Monterey Boats factory tour makes such a rewarding summer getaway.

Monterey Boats, By The Numbers

Wondering where (and how) Monterey magic happens? For starters, we have a team of more than 600 full-time boat builders — who are just as passionate about a fast, smooth, eye-catching ride as you are. They work at two main manufacturing plants that span nearly 500,000 square feet combined, and have earned us the distinction of being the largest private employer in Levy County. That’s an honor we’re extremely proud of!

But of course, to get a full picture, there’s nothing quite like visiting in person. We’ll show you the behind-the-scenes processes that go into make a Monterey Boat — those exciting early steps that you can only imagine when you’re maneuvering one on the water. There’s something special about putting a human face to this splashing sport we all love so much.

Exploring Florida’s Big Bend

Of course, if you’re making the trip down to Williston, you’ll want to spend some quality time on the water while you’re in town! Fortunately, our slice of the Sunshine State is nestled near an area affectionately known as Florida’s Big Bend — so named for its corner shape, connecting the heart of the peninsula with the “panhandle” up top.

As it happens this nook is home to some of the best Gulf Coast boating Florida has to offer! And there’s no shortage of ways to explore it by boat. Cedar Key, for example, a quaint fishing village whose unique stilt buildings provide an eye-catching backdrop to your day on the water. Venture a bit farther south and you’ll discover Fort Island Beach, where the shimmering Crystal River empties out into an idyllic, white-sand Gulf Coast paradise.

Speaking of Crystal River, the clear, spring-fed waterway is a great place to get even closer to the water by way of a canoe or kayak! You can even swim with the majestic manatees who call the river “home.”

This region is often referred to as the Nature Coast of Florida, thanks in part to its immense biodiversity. So as you cruise between shimmering beaches and clusters of tropical mangrove islands, you might be able to spot some of Florida’s signature wildlife in action — ranging from graceful seabirds swooping into the water for a snack, to prize-worthy sportfish enjoying their own meal in the water below.

On that note — even if you don’t consider yourself an angler, a trip to Florida’s Gulf Coast might turn you into one! Here you’ll find unparalleled opportunities for offshore fishing (dolphin, sailfish, and wahoo are just a few species that abound during the summer months) as well as inshore fun, too. Local islands surrounded by shallow water make for handy flats fishing spots, playing host to popular catches such as tarpon, red drum, snook, and more! As is always the case any time you’re exploring a new area, you’ll want to check out local regulations so you know what can be caught, where, and when — but rest assured, abundant fun awaits no matter what’s on the other end of your line!

Feeling Inspired?

After a thrilling week of getting to know Monterey Boats’ creative process (and maybe taking some time to explore the local surroundings yourself) you might be feeling inspired to make a splash in your cruising routine — like, say, bringing home a new ride for your next era of on-the-water fun! Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to test the waters (excuse the pun) as you consider your next steps.

For example, you can check out our online calendar to learn about local boat shows that might be happening near you — or maybe they line up with a summer trip you already had planned! Big or small, these events help you see the latest lineup up close, in a fun atmosphere of fellow boat lovers. After all, there’s a reason why boat shows are such a popular part of the community experience!

You can also begin the boat design process from the comfort of your very own home! Monterey Boats’ online Build Your Boat feature gives you a chance to play with different colors, optional features, and other specs to arrive at a dream boat you can’t wait to cruise home. Even if you’ve used this feature before, you might discover a newfound appreciation for it after touring the factory where every design decision comes to life!

For a summer trip that’s equal parts educational and inspiring, we think a visit to the Monterey Boats factory is definitely in order! Get in touch soon — we can’t wait to hear from you and set up a one-of-a-kind experience.

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