Surf’s Up with Monterey Boats Surf Edition

Wed, Sep 25, 2019 at 1:00PM

Do you have a thirst for action and adventure? Fishing can be a slow sport, and not everyone enjoys the lounging capabilities of a cabin cruiser. For surfing, cruising, wakeboarding, and water skiing enthusiasts, summertime means the surf's up. A high-performing Monterey Boats surf boat can make your watersport dreams a reality. Why get a surf boat? Below are our top reasons why surf boats give water lovers the aquatic adventure of a lifetime. 


  1. Excitement

Monterey Boats Surf Edition delivers excitement in a major way. These boats not only maintain the high-end performance and quality that Monterey is famous for, but these vessels are also geared for action and water sports. Boaters can get a shot of adrenaline with Surf Edition's water-skiing, surfing, and wakeboarding capabilities. 


  1. High-tech Options

These aren't your father's surf boats. Wide-eyed adventure awaits when the surf's up with Monterey Boats surf editions. Audio packages and eye-catching graphics only add to the durable design of these boats. Boaters can enjoy one-touch Zero OFF GPS speed control, Wake WorX surf tabs, and Volvo Penta Forward Drive. 

The most important feature of the Forward Drive is safety: the props are forward facing and are not rotating in front of the person in the water behind the boat. But it will give you an unmatched level of versatility, where you can enhance just about every aspect of the surf boat and use it to make an even greater watersport experience. Forward Drive is quiet, and won't give off exhaust smells that you'll find with inferior surf boat models. Fuel exhaust is emitted underwater for your comfort. Fuel economy is also enhanced with duo-prop, so you'll get low-speed handling with increased agility and acceleration. 


  1. Unmatched Surf Experience

Sure, natural waves are something to behold and surf. But with a surf boat, you can ride the same "wave" for several minutes, allowing you to test and hone new skills and improve your endurance. Need a break? There's no waiting until the next big wave. Get back on, signal the boat to get moving, and you're back in the game. 

Make waves. Conquer your fears. And create adrenaline-packed memories that will last a lifetime. 


  1. Luxury and Comfort

Monterey is renowned for quality craftsmanship, performance, and luxury. The Surf Edition has all of this and more, with an emphasis on performance without sacrificing comfort. Enjoy spacious seating, stainless steel cup holders, and ample storage space for added convenience. A large swim platform, with recessed swim ladders, telescoping, and audio capabilities will make for an unforgettable nautical adventure that you and your friends will be talking about for years. 

The Monterey Boats Surf Edition offers a range of vessels to choose from that will be sure to meet your needs. Whether you've got a thirst for adventure, or want the versatility of a surf boat with day boat cruising capabilities, our Surf Edition line has you covered. Glide through turquoise waters. Improve your wakeboarding endurance. The Surf's Up here at Monterey Boats. 

Not sure which surf boat is right for you? Find a local Monterey dealer today and give us a call. We'll be happy to help you narrow down the right model for your on-the-water dreams.

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