Fun in the Sun - 5 Ways to Get the Most out of Your Outboard Boat

Wed, Sep 11, 2019 at 1:04PM

The high-performance outboards on Monterey outboard boats and sport yachts aren't your Grandfather's outboards that he used to putter around his best fishing hole back in the day. Monterey's outboard boats and sport yachts use sophisticated pieces of machinery to make your fun in the sun a worthwhile and spectacular adventure. So, how can you keep your outboards running at peak performance? Check out these top five ways to get the most out of your outboard


  1. Go with an Experienced Dealer

A reputable dealer will know exactly how to set up a boat, so it hits the right RPMs for optimum performance. Every ship manufacturer will have different specs. So, you'll want to go with someone who specializes in the boat and motor combination you want. At Monterey Boats, you can search for a dedicated and knowledgeable boat dealer near you. We'll be glad to help you find or build an outboard boat or sport yacht that's going to deliver the performance you want. 


  1. Only Use Premium Engine Oil

Garbage in, garbage out. Don't use poor-quality oil in your boat. You must use the right engine oil so your boat can perform to its fullest extent. Preferably, you'll want to use the manufacturer's oil, and you'll need to use it consistently. Don't skimp because something was "on-sale" or easier to find. It's possible to find a dealer who sells premium oil in bulk. 


  1. Follow the Right Service Schedule

A reputable dealer will give you a service schedule to follow. It's crucial that boat owners do not procrastinate on service. You'll want to break-in a new engine according to the directions set out, and follow up with a 20-hour check for a lube change. During the check-up, dealers will know if there are any problems when they hook the outboard up to a computer. Regularly changing the lube on a consistent, by-the-book schedule will ensure that the seals remain in good condition and your outboard boat will perform well. 


  1. Use the High-quality Fuel

Established marinas that get a lot of traffic will have fresh fuel that doesn't get a chance to build up harmful deposits. Getting fuel from a place that doesn't see a whole lot of business means the fuel is often stale. Stale fuel will have contaminants and moisture that is terrible for your outboard boat. Stick to the beaten path when it comes to fueling up. 


  1. Clean the Fuel Tank

It's a good idea to run a fuel cleaner a few times a year. The cleaner will remove deposits, build up, and debris. This can extend the life of your spark plugs and also increase your fuel economy. 

Caring for your outboard boat or sporting yacht will go a long way to protecting its performance and getting the most out of the engine. Keep these tips in mind for maximum fun in the sun. Contact a reputable Monterey Boats dealer today to learn more about caring for outboard boats and sporting yachts.

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