Shade for the Summer: 5 Easy Ways to Get It

Tue, May 16, 2017 at 9:10AM

Shade for the Summer: 5 Easy Ways to Get It

Summer is all about fun under the sun—but if all that sun’s got you feeling overexposed, we have the solutions for you!

Take a look at today’s blog for five easy ways to enjoy a cool, shady break on your summer boating trips.


Enjoy the benefits of built-in shade

One of the best features of a Monterey is its ability to provide you with the shade you need—no hassle or extra steps required. Models like the luxurious 355SY offer you a chance to kick back under the protection of built-in cover from the sun.


Add a Bimini top

Looking to add a sense of cool, tropical flair to your fishing or sports boat? Even smaller models can be easily altered to suit your shade-seeking needs. For example, you can attach an umbrella to your fishing seat on board, or a classic Bimini top to your wakeboard tower for cool comfort and relaxation when you’re not performing tricks and flips behind the boat.


Cruise along the coast

If you’re trying to seek a break from the harsh summer sun, why not switch up your boating routine? For long days spent on the ocean or a large lake, it can be helpful to move closer to the shore and hug the coast, rediscovering it as you do so. You never know quite how many opportunities await here, from shoreline cliffs and caves to mazes of mangrove forest you’ll want to explore. Plus, as you do so, you’ll be enjoying a welcome break from the hot sun of the open ocean.


Take breaks for shade

Thinking along the same lines, be sure to factor in time for breaks in the shade. For passengers, that might mean spending more time below deck between swims or wakeboarding sessions. The whole family can also benefit from lunch stops at waterfront cafés, where outdoor seating is made comfortable with the addition of an awning or patio cover. 


Cover up

Finally, don’t forget about personal shade options! Wide-brimmed hats and visors are easy ways to soak up the sun on your own terms. They can let you enjoy the afternoon without changing the way (or path) you boat.

You’ve got the tools—now put these shade solutions to the test on a Monterey of your own! Call us today or find your local Monterey dealer to learn more.

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