5 Sunscreen Smarts on Sunscreen Day

Thu, May 18, 2017 at 12:05PM

5 Sunscreen Smarts on Sunscreen Day


It’s on store shelves, commercials, and—most likely—in a half-empty bottle in the bottom of every beach bag you own. But are you using your sunscreen to the fullest?

As we celebrate Sunscreen Day on May 27th, we’re exploring some of the best ways to make your bottle or spray can of sun protection go even further. Take a look!


Cool down with chilled sunscreen

You might not want to be covered in icy cold sunscreen—until, of course, it’s 90 degrees out and you’ve been in the sun for hours!

By that time, you’ll be thankful for a quick way to cool off. You’ll also need to reapply your sunscreen. Why not do both with one quick swipe of sunscreen that’s been chilled at home or in your on-board cooler or fridge?

You don’t need to cool your sunscreen to the point that it becomes a sunblock popsicle—simply leave it in a cool place when it’s not in use, so that it offers a refreshing wave of coolness when you need it the most.


Opt for a sunscreen stick

Today, sunscreen’s not just available in bottles or spray cans. It comes in dry stick form, too, so that you can apply it with ease to hard-to-reach places without getting greasy. Having such a stick on hand is always a good idea, since it can fit into most bags and can help you cover up in a pinch.


Turn old sunscreen bottles into handy storage containers

If you’ve run out of sunscreen, you can still put the bottle to use! Cut it in half, clean it out, and use it as a handy, inconspicuous storage option for your phone, keys, and cash. This is great for those trips when you venture off the boat and onto the beach or the waterfront—just be sure not to throw it away when you’re cleaning up!


Apply it before sun exposure

It may seem like a given, but applying your sunscreen well ahead of your time in the sun gives you a chance to take your time in lathering up, making sure to get all the tough spots (since you won’t be tempted to rush it by the allure of the open ocean!). Doing so will also help keep your deck cleaner and clear of any spills.


Pair it with your Aloe Vera for easy access

Keep your sunscreen and Aloe Vera gel in the same spot (or, better yet, store them in a two-sided travel bottle) so that you’re never without sun protection and sun relief. Once you’re on your way home, you can use the gel to cool off and soothe the skin. (And, like the sunscreen, its cooling effect can be amplified by storing it in a refrigerated spot.)

Of course, these ideas are fun, but don’t feel the need to make things complicated during your day on the water—the first (and simplest) way to use your sunscreen is always to lather up, reapply, and enjoy!











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