Double Up Your Wakesurfing Adventure

Mon, Jan 30, 2023 at 6:14PM

Double Up Your Wakesurfing Adventure

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us — and if you have access to a wakesurfing boat, you can tap into a world of on-the-water fun with your sweetheart! Some couples may prefer a leisurely cruise along a scenic shoreline, while others would sooner opt for a fast-paced adventure where they can immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of the water. If you fall into the latter camp, why not try doubles wakesurfing? Yes, it works great for a thrilling Valentine’s Day idea — but it’s just as fun a pastime for friends and family members who want to take their on-the-water skills to the next level, too. Just read on as we take a closer look at splitting the wake with a partner.

Why We Love Wakesurfing For Two

As wakesurfers, we’re always looking for new ways to challenge ourselves — whether it’s a new trick, picking up speed, or seeing how long you can keep your balance on board. (The world record, by the way, is nearly 15 hours!)

Wakesurfing with a partner is one such challenge you can try right away. For starters, there’s no barrier to entry — if you know how to wakesurf and have all the gear, all you need is one more person to practice with.

In addition to testing your skills in new ways (because sharing a wake will take some getting used to), wakesurfing with a partner is just plain fun! You’ll laugh a lot as you try to figure out your balance in a new environment — and have fun blaming each other as you, inevitably, fall into the water those first few times. Plus, waksesurfing as a pair can be a handy foundational skill as you progress to more daring feats (but more on that later).

Not to mention, if you’re a parent of multiple kids, wakesurfing by pairs comes with a practical advantage of never leaving anyone out as they wait for their turn on the board. Anything to maintain peace on the water!

How To Get Started

When you think doubles wakesurfing, you may imagine synchronized, symmetrical tricks and flips — but that’s not quite how it works! Due to the nature of the wake, you’ll want to have both riders on the same side, staggering their distance from the boat.

As always, safety first! This might be a good time to pull out your water sport helmets, so you can fall as needed with total peace of mind. Use your life jackets, and ask your captain to maintain a slower speed as you get acquainted to your new on-the-water arrangement.

For The Pros Out There...

Once you get comfortable with the cadence of sharing a wake, you may want to test yourself even further — like, maybe, share a board! Tandem wakesurfing is another type of two-person sport, in which two people have to maintain their balance on the same board. You’ll sometimes see parents do this with young children who don’t yet know how to wakesurf themselves — and of course, we’ve even seen pups and their pet parents ride together! These activities are, naturally, more challenging than maintaining your own board, so don’t try them out unless you’re an experienced wakesurfer.

We hope that today’s guide helps you take your wakesurfing fun to the next level! And please share your on-the-water action shots with us on social media — we’d love to see where the wake takes you and your loved ones this year.

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