Wake Surf Boats: Why We Love Wakesurfing

Fri, Jul 29, 2016 at 10:40AM

Wake Surf Boats: Why We Love Wakesurfing

We’re in the midst of the warm summer months, and there’s no better time than right now to try something new on the water—like wakesurfing, for example! Our new Monterey Roswell wake surf boats are specifically tailored for this exciting sport and generate some of the best wakes on the water. Below, take a look at the biggest benefits of wakesurfing, a hybrid sport that’s fun for the whole family.

It lets you enjoy the best of both worlds

If you’ve ever gone wakeboarding or surfing, you’ll be happy to learn that wakesurfing offers a pleasant mix of the two. You’re able to enjoy the social aspect of wakeboarding, along with use of a tow line for a period of time—but at the same time, you’re able to move and balance yourself on the board independent of the vessel ahead, which is just used to create the waves you’ll be riding.

You can surf… even hundreds of miles inland

Don’t live near an ocean? Don’t worry! You can enjoy sea-style surf on your nearest lake by riding in the wake of your Monterey.

The surf experience is unmatched

While there is certainly something special about surfing the water’s natural waves, wakesurfing offers you one big advantage—the ability to ride the same “wave” for minutes at a time! Especially if you’re behind a Monterey Surf Edition, you will have a perfect wave that allows you to test out new skills and build your endurance on the board. Whenever you fall down or need a break, you won’t need to wait it out to find the next big wave—you can simply get back on, signal the boat to accelerate, and get going!

It keeps you fit physically…

The benefit of physical activity is, of course, one of the biggest perks of wakesurfing. While participating in this fun water sport, you will be building endurance and working out your entire body, from legs to core and beyond.

…and mentally

Of course, there’s also the mental benefit of activity on the water. Time spent wakesurfing allows you to clear your head and focus on the task at hand, all while enjoying the company of friends and family in the boat ahead of you. There’s a reason why we feel so comfortable and content after a long day on the water—it’s one of the most rewarding ways to spend a day!

As you can see, wakesurfing isn’t just a great way to spend a day—it’s good exercise and an easy way to hone your water sport skills, too! If you’re looking for the perfect wake to get started on, take a look and learn more about our exciting new Monterey Wake Surf boats today: www.

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