Tubing: A Year-Round Adventure

Wed, Jul 27, 2016 at 12:45PM

Tubing: A Year-Round Adventure

If you’ve got a thirst for adventure that’s not easily quenched, you’re always on the lookout for new ways to have fun and get your thrills—so if you haven’t tried tubing yet, why not now? This fun family sport can be enjoyed in various forms throughout the year, and is the perfect way to spice up your summer vacation. Read more as we look at different kinds of tubing and how they can be best experienced.

Towed tubing

If you’ve been boating for a while, you may have already tried out this exciting form of tubing. It involves pulling a tube (or more) with your boat through the water, making for a thrilling ride of ups, downs and accelerations. Because a friend or family member is controlling the boat, you will be able to enjoy an experience that’s as fast or as slow as you want—just signal to them when you want a faster pace! While this kind of tubing can be enjoyed solo, it’s also great to have a friend by your side as you bounce and skim along the water.

Free-floating tubing

For a less controlled experience, try free-floating tubing! Also known as river tubbing, this take on the sport allows you to steer your way through the water as a current pulls you along. There are many different ways to enjoy this kind of tubing based on your skill level and experience—you can make your way through whitewater rapids, for example, or enjoy a more leisurely ride through calmer waters.

Snow tubing

When the winter rolls along, you don’t have to give up your love of tubing—just take it to the snow! Many ski resorts offer guests a chance to tube down the slopes or be pulled behind a snowmobile (in a fashion similar to the towed tubing you’re used to on the water). Look into snow tubing opportunities at your favorite parks and resorts, since select places even offer snow tubing through the summer months.

Summer tubing

“Summer tubing” may be a confusing term—especially since the other forms of tubing we’ve mentioned can indeed be enjoyed in the summer. This specific type, however, refers to the process of tubing down long, often elaborate plastic slides. It’s a fun way to spend a day, especially if you’re not located near a body of water!

Why we love it

Tubing is one of those classic family activities we’ll never get tired of. It lets you enjoy a variety of landscapes (from snowy hills to cool, refreshing lakes) and, at the same time, spend time with family members who will typically be tubing right alongside you.

We hope that today’s blog has given you a better idea of just how exhilarating the sport of tubing can be. Now all that’s left do is… pick your favorite type and start planning your excursion!

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