What Bowrider is Best - Our Top 5 Tips for Picking the Right One

Wed, Apr 03, 2019 at 10:35AM

What Bowrider is Best - Our Top 5 Tips for Picking the Right One

Bowrider boats are designed to be versatile and comfortable for maximum action on the water.  A bowrider allows passengers to ride at the bow of the vessel while offering maximum sport-speed for activities like wakeboarding. There are numbers of features to consider when looking for a bowrider and we thought it would be helpful to offer up our top five tips for choosing the right one. Let's get right into it.


Top Five Tips For Picking the Right Bowrider

  • Seating and Layout

    - Choosing the seating and layout really come down to what the buyer ultimately will use the boat for. For small families who don't anticipate a lot of people in the boat, a smaller boat would likely suffice. But for those captains who are looking to entertain a large crew, they will want seating options that will allow people to spread out and to get in and out of the water with ease.

  • Getting Real About Stowage

    - Short day trips with a few friends that plan to hop from one destination to the next may not have a lot of storage needs. But for water sports enthusiasts, stowage will be of utmost importance. Further, Consider how much time will be spent on the boat at one time to identify whether or not a food prep area is important or even a small head or pop-up porta potty.

  • Crew Considerations

    - When it comes to the passengers of your vessel, there are a few considerations to keep them safe and comfortable. Scope out amenities like boat access, entertainment features, cup holders, and lighting or sound packages. These items are real winners for entertaining guests. Seat layout and grab rails will also be necessary since bowriders tend to deliver speeds that can toss crew around. Having something to hold on to will ensure they feel safe and secure on the vessel.

  • Power and Build

    - The wonderful thing about bowriders is that they come in, what seems like, endless possibilities. Having a clear picture of how the vessel will be used, for example, either for friends/family or water sports, will help in determining how much power a boat owner will need. For those who plan to do a good bit of wakeboarding, waterskiing, wake surfing or inflatable towing, boat buyers will need to look for increased horsepower. Buyers who plan to host a lot of people should look for a bigger build with reinforced body and superior interior materials, which may better support the longevity of the vessel.

  • Boat Budget Reality

    - The price tag of a boat is not the final cost of owning a watercraft. Establish a budget and work backward a little to ensure the vessel doesn’t complicate finances. This means, investigate all financial aspects of owning a boat including boat insurance, costs to store the vessel, costs to tow and trailer it, and maintaining the boat in the future.

Bowriders offer some of the most versatile fun on the water giving everyone on board excellent views and space to relax. Monterey Boats have plenty of bowrider options to choose from and welcomes buyers to stop by a showroom or dealership today.

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