12 Days Of On-The-Water Fun On Your Monterey Boat

Thu, Dec 07, 2023 at 10:26AM

12 Days Of On-The-Water Fun On Your Monterey Boat

“The 12 Days of Christmas” isn’t just a catchy earworm of a holiday song — it’s also a handy way to mix up your on-the-water routine, this season and all year long!

Here are 12 ideas you can try on your next Monterey Boat adventure. Even if you can’t get on the water until spring, brainstorming fun activities will make the winter wait fly by.

Watch Feats Of Synchronized Water Sports

What if instead of “12 drummers drumming,” there were 12 skiers skiing? In the world of extreme water sports, it’s very possible! Check out synchronized water skiing online or, better yet, see a show in person! You might not feel comfortable enough to form a pyramid of fellow skiers holding on to a tow rope — but it’s sure fun to watch a professional team do just that.

Do A Holiday Gear Exchange

Stumped on what to get a loved one for holiday gifting? You can never go wrong with a holiday gear exchange, or a water sport spin on Secret Santa. Even if it’s something as simple as gear stickers or new tow rope, you’ll be giving the gift of adventure — and that’s sure to be appreciated well after the snow thaws.

Try A Change Of Perspective

If you’re usually skimming the water on a board (or skis), consider switching it up by spotting from the boat! It’s not quite as selfless as it sounds — in fact, by getting a change of perspective, you can walk away with tips and insights for your own session.

Get Fido In On The Fun

Why not turn your four-legged friend into a reindeer by letting her hop on your favorite inflatable? Even if it’s too cold to boat where you are, you can snap some seriously adorable holiday photos.

Deck Out Your Boat

Just as families have fun decorating their homes for the holidays, you can decorate your home-away-from-home — aka, your Monterey!

Throw On A Santa Hat

A surefire way to make any on-the-water adventure more festive at this time of year? Throw on a bright, red Santa hat to pair with your life jacket.

Rise & Shine...

Many of us love to sleep in on the weekends — but in honor of your 12-day challenge, why not get up early to hit the water before anyone else does? This time of day is perfect for riding on that coveted, glassy water we all dream about.

... Or Surf Into The Sunset

On the other hand, if you’re more of an early bird already, there’s definitely something to be said about ending your day on the water. Bring extra towels and warm, cozy clothes since temperatures can dip after sundown — even in the warmest winter locales!

Blast Festive Tunes

You only get a few months out of the year to listen to your favorite festive music — so blast it out on the water for your next holiday boating session!

Host A Photoshoot On Deck

Ready to get that perfect Christmas-card shot? Gather family or friends in your favorite festive gear for a holiday photo session with your Monterey Boat playing a starring role. 

Fuel Up With A Festive Recipe

Whether you’re swimming, cruising, or navigating your way through somewhere new, on-the-water fun calls for some serious energy. Now is a great time to test out a new boat-friendly snack, preferably one with festive flair — such as candy cane trail mix or a fruitcake-inspired granola bar!

Name (Or Rename) Your Ride

Winter may mark the end of one year — but it also welcomes the beginning of another! A fun, triumphant way to end your 12-day challenge is to name your new Monterey Boat, or christen your current ride if you haven’t done that before! You can even opt for a fun holiday-themed moniker if you want to carry the spirit of the season with you all year long (think Merry & Bright, Jolly, ‘Tis the Season... you get the idea!).

On the 12th day of Christmas, my Monterey gave to me... endless ways to explore the water with family, friends, and endless fun! We hope that today’s “remix” helps bring even more cheer to your boating routine.

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