Monterey's Guide to Warmer Winter Cruising

Wed, Dec 23, 2020 at 10:20AM

Monterey's Guide to Warmer Winter Cruising

The cool days of winter are settling in - but some of the year's most gorgeous on-the-water vistas are still waiting to be explored! Fortunately, with the right Monterey boat and a few helpful tips, you can still enjoy a splashing season to the fullest! Just read on to learn more.

Consider a cozy cabin

During the cooler months, families retreat from their backyards to their warm, cozy dens and living rooms - and the same idea can apply to your on-the-water experience! Cruising with a cabin, such as the interiors you'll find on Monterey's majestic Sport Yacht series, can give you the space you need to escape especially brisk days while still enjoying a day on the water. 

Bring along warm essentials

Warm accessories can help make your winter cruising a little more comfortable! Some of our favorites worth bringing along include...

  • Hand warmers
  • A thermos full of coffee, hot cocoa or a favorite stew
  • A weather-proof outer layer
  • Extra towels and blankets for drying off after surprise splashes

Keep it safe and simple

Above all, prioritize safety on your winter boating adventure! Your boat prefers and performs best in temperate waters, so avoid taking it out in freezing temperatures. Life jackets are an essential item all year long, but are especially important to remember during cold weather excursions since swimming or treading water in cold conditions can prove more difficult than sunny summer days. And don't feel the need to explore uncovered aquatic terrain during the coldest days of the year - rather, stick to familiar spots you can navigate with ease (think, a scenic stretch right next to your go-to launch, or a smaller local lake) so you can focus more on the majesty of winter's changing scenery, and less on the elements at hand.

We hope that today's guide helps you plan on-the-water winter fun for the family! Stay warm and cozy and enjoy your next adventure to the fullest.

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