Navigating New Horizons: Kick Off The Year At A January Boat Show

Thu, Dec 21, 2023 at 12:20PM

Navigating New Horizons: Kick Off The Year At A January Boat Show

Happy New Year! It might be a few more months before springtime officially ushers in boating season — but here at Monterey Boats, we don’t think that’s any reason to put off the fun. As 2024 begins, it's time to explore the best in boating and water sports at some of the most exciting boat shows across the United States!

Whether you're into wakeboarding, waterskiing, or simply love the thrill of being on the water, these January boat shows are the perfect venues to fuel your passion. Just read on... and mark your calendar accordingly.

Oklahoma Boat Expo

The Oklahoma Boat Expo is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. Wakeboarding and waterskiing demonstrations are a major draw — and if you don’t already have a Monterey Super Sports Boat, now is the perfect time to check out our lineup. Throughout the boat show and surrounding area, you’ll get a sense for the vibrant local boating scene — reflective of Oklahoma's rich lake culture.

New England Boat Show

Like Boston, its host city, the New England Boat Show is a blend of tradition and modernity. Here, you'll find classic sailboats next to the latest in high-speed watercraft, like Monterey’s award-winning lineup. It's a great place to learn about the maritime history of the region while exploring contemporary water sports trends!

Chicago Boat Show

The Windy City’s show is known for its impressive indoor water sports pool, where attendees can witness live wakeboarding and waterskiing demos even though the weather outside is, well, pretty frosty yet. It’s a unique opportunity to see the latest gear and techniques in action! Plus, you’ll have fun planning your return to the Great Lakes come springtime.

Progressive Atlanta Boat Show

At this time of year, parts of Georgia are feeling winter’s cold while others — the gorgeous Golden Isles to the south — are flaunting the sunshine. The Progressive Atlanta Boat Show brings all corners of the state together, sporting a diverse range of boats and interactive experiences in water sports.

Stuart Boat Show

Craving a subtropical getaway? The Stuart Boat Show highlights Florida’s longtime love for water sports, fishing, and cruising fun. Of course, you’ll want to set aside some time for exploring the local area — a charming beach locale renowned for its lively fishing scene and intracoastal cruising.

Hartford Boat Show

During spring and summer, Connecticut boaters flock to the Long Island Sound for some of the best boating and fishing the country has to offer. Winter, then, can be considered a “recharging” of sorts — a time for local boaters to gear up, check out the latest boating technology, and learn about water sports with the family! The Hartford Boat Show’s interactive exhibits and workshops make it a great spot for beginners in wakeboarding and waterskiing to learn — and get inspired for when warmer weather rolls around.

Cleveland Boat Show & Fishing Expo

Love water sports and angling from your Monterey? This show is for you! For boaters who call the Great Lakes “home,” the Cleveland Boat Show & Fishing Expo gives you a taste of everything the region has to offer. Because it’s much shallower than its neighboring lakes, Lake Erie might typically be the first Great Lake to freeze — but that means it’s also the first to thaw, too, making it a must-do destination for boaters counting down the days until spring.

Naples Boat Show

If your style is all about sleek, sporty luxury (ours is, too!) the Naples Boat Show is the place to be. The bright and sunny winter show features high-end wakeboarding and waterskiing equipment, and live demos by professionals — making it a choice destination for water sports enthusiasts. Plus, because it’s located in balmy Florida, you won’t have to wait for spring to try out your new gear!

Progressive Minneapolis Boat Show

Yes, Minneapolis might be one of the coldest spots on our list — but inside the annual boat show, you’ll feel warm, cozy, and reinvigorated by the boating fun that abounds. Plus, Minnesota is the aptly nicknamed “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” so you’ll have no trouble imagining a future spring or summer visit here.

St. Petersburg Power & Sailboat Show

Is it any surprise than many of the best boating events happen in Florida? Another Sunshine State must-do, this boat show is located on the state’s Gulf Coast — a region teeming with hungry fish and water sport thrills. Swing by and take a seminar for a weekend getaway that’s as educational as it is fun.

As we cruise into 2024, these boat shows offer the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of boating and water sport. We can’t wait to see you there!

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