Trick-or-Treating on the Water (and More Monterey Fun for Halloween!)

Mon, Oct 05, 2020 at 1:43PM

Trick-or-Treating on the Water (and More Monterey Fun for Halloween!)

Halloween is almost here! The beloved fall-time holiday is sure to put anyone in a cheery, spooky spirit—and even if the celebrations look a little different this year, there are still plenty of fun ways to mark the day with the family! Hop aboard your Monterey and take a look below for a few of our best activity ideas.

Trick-or-treat on the water

Your town or family may not be participating in traditional trick-or-treating this year—but who says you can’t sport your best Halloween costume, hit the water and cruise around for candy anyway? By bringing this fun Halloween tradition on the water, you can make this holiday truly memorable for all the right reasons. Your family can even choose fun costumes based on a cohesive theme (think a band of friendly pirates, or a family of sea animals!) and simply dig into candy as you cruise. Or, if you a larger household, have different members of the family post themselves at different areas of your on-the-water look—one at the marina, one at your favorite waterfront picnic spot, etc.—so that they can hand out candy and help you truly emulate the trick-or-treating experience.

Embark upon a Halloween scavenger hunt

Another fun alternative to traditional trick-or-treating is to embark upon a Halloween scavenger hunt! Establish a list of things to find and snap a photo of (they can be anything Halloween-related, from a full moon—we’ll have one this year on Oct. 31!—to a black cat, Jack-o’-Lantern, or spooky decorations if you’re cruising past waterfront homes). The first to collect a specified amount of photos, which can easily be snapped from the water, can win a bucket of candy for their “I spy” skills!

Tell spooky stories

Halloween is, of course, a time to share in some spooky fun as well! The relaxed, laidback setting of your Monterey is the perfect place to gather around and share a scary tale (real or a little less so, what matters here is the fun spirit of storytelling). Or plan to cruise past a storied landmark in your area, like a haunted lighthouse, and learn about local history and enjoy some Halloween thrills all at once.

Carve a nautical Jack-o’-Lantern

It wouldn’t be Halloween without some fun, festive pumpkin carving! Together as a family, get creative with your Jack-o’-Lanterns and bring them aboard with you for Halloween cruising. (Tip: Battery-powered flickering candles make for a great, outdoor-friendly lighting option when you’re bringing your pumpkin on the go.) A few of our favorite carving ideas include…

- Scuba diver helmet

- Sea animal carving, like a shark, sea turtle or starfish

- Anchor

- Pirate face (you can even accessorize with an eye patch and cap!)

We hope that these ideas help you enjoy some spooky seafaring on your Monterey! And from our family to yours, have a very Happy Halloween.

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