Add Hints of Home to Your Monterey Boat

Mon, Oct 05, 2020 at 1:41PM

Add Hints of Home to Your Monterey Boat

Fall inspires feelings of family, coziness and comfort at home—and in our book, your boat is the perfect place to experience everything the season has to offer!

Your Monterey is already designed for your ultimate comfort, and the addition of homey touches can only make your on-the-water adventures that much better. Read on for a few of our favorite ways to prepare your ride for a cozy season ahead.

Add comfy throw pillows…

Every Monterey is built to maximize your relaxation space, whether it’s built into the bow, cockpit or all around! Give your family a comfortable place to recline with the addition of comfy, oversized throw pillows to create your own floating living room.

… and extra blankets for cool-weather cruising

Around this time of year, you’re likely bringing out the big throw blankets at home as well—effortlessly draped over a sofa or armchair, in fleece or classic knit, these soft, cozy blankets help you embrace classic fall coziness and add style to your space in the process. Keep some handy on board for chilly outings, and stash below deck or in an airtight container when they’re not being used so they stay warm and crisp.

Host with homey style

From a streamlined wet bar to a pull-out table bowside, your Monterey model may already have everything you need to entertain the family with ease! Add your own personal touches with reusable tumblers for easy, no-mess refreshments, plus colorful kitchen towels to add a burst of brightness to your on-board space. You should feel as comfortable here, after all, as you do around the family kitchen table!

Enjoy sweet seasonal scents

For many boaters, there’s no sweeter scent than salty air, or fresh florals carried over on the lakeside breeze! When you want to freshen up your on-board space even further, though, especially in areas such as storage bins or your head compartment, homemade potpourri may be able to do the trick. Simply combine dried apples and oranges, as well as cinnamon sticks and any other aromatics you might enjoy, in a reusable container to keep handy on board. Or use a thermos to bring the warm, feel-good aroma of a simmer pot (which pairs these fragrant ingredients with water, typically simmered over low heat) on board for an especially welcome addition on cool outings.

Make more room for family fun

Families grow and new hobbies flourish—just like your home back on land, you may find yourself looking to move aboard a bigger boat when life’s changes call for a more spacious ride! If it’s time for a new ride, fall is a great time to reflect on what you love most about your current boat and what you’d like to add in your next one. There is a Monterey for every family and on-the-water interest, and we’re here to help you feel right at home with whichever one strikes your fancy. Browse our models or visit a local Monterey dealer to learn more.

How do you add hints of home to your Monterey? Let us know, or browse our beautiful boats today to find your new floating home.

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