Personalizing Your Monterey

Thu, Dec 10, 2015 at 4:00PM

Purchasing a new Monterey is the first step in boat ownership—but now it’s time to make your new boat truly “yours.” In today’s blog, we will be looking at a few ways you can decorate and design your boat to make it a true reflection of you and your family.

Interior décor

One of the best—but often overlooked—ways to personalize your boat is to focus on interior décor through pillows, bedding, and other items. We know that space to work with is at a premium on many boats—however, there are still small ways you can add your own personal flair to your below deck space. Add a pillow with a favorite quote to keep below deck for movie time or relaxation, or a favorite throw blanket from home. These items are great for relaxation (especially after a long day on the water), but are also perfect for showing your family’s personality and making your boat feel more like your home.


The sounds or music coming from your boat often define who you are to passerby on the water. Make your boat more “you” by playing a steady stream of your favorite songs! This can make the trip even more enjoyable for everyone on board.

Paint job

A unique paint design can make your boat stand out on the water and better reflect you and your family’s cruising personality. The best time to pick out a custom paint job is, of course, before you buy—however, if you find that your cruiser is in need of a redesign, you can always change the paint job later on. You can add a stripe of your favorite color, for example, or use a bold gradient or other design to add a bit of personality to your boat.

Unique or custom decals

In today’s day and age, there is no shortage of unique, stylish decals you can add to your boat’s exterior. Some you can even have custom designed to reflect your family, your home state, or just about anything else you want to show off! Add a custom decal or two to the exterior of your boat to make a personal statement while out on the water.

Boat name

Every boat needs a name that says something about its owner and passengers. Spend some time thinking about a name that reflects your family’s values, pastimes, or just about anything else you want to encapsulate in a name. Once you’ve settled on your boat’s name, you can look for colors, type and design that best represent it.

Hailing port

Who doesn’t love to show pride for their home state and city while out on the water? Creating a well-designed representation of your hailing port is a great way to personalize your boat, especially if you do lots of out-of-area cruising. Just like you would with your boat’s name, spend some time designing your hailing port by choosing the colors and style that match with the rest of your Monterey.

Your boat is an extension of your family and home—so be sure to design it accordingly! We hope that these tips let you take your Monterey to the next level in 2016!

Personalizing Your Monterey

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