Monterey’s Guide to Perfect Picnics on the Water

Wed, Jul 29, 2020 at 7:08PM

Monterey’s Guide to Perfect Picnics on the Water

July is National Picnic Month—and for boaters, that means celebrating on the water, your favorite dock or quiet beach where it’s easy to spread out and savor a delicious meal al fresco with the family!

Read on as we share a few of our favorite Monterey-style tips for getting the most out of this mmm-worthy meal by the water.

Pick a serene setting

The perfect picnic setting is a scenic spot where you can admire the view, enjoy the breeze and relax. Finding space to lay out your blanket on land may be tough, especially as more families flock so local parks for some quality outdoor time—fortunately, you’ve got the freedom of a Monterey on your side. Head to a quiet local dock or your favorite marina, or simply idle your boat by a beautiful coastline. You can also use your Monterey to access idyllic islands and sandbars you would otherwise not be able to get to by foot or car! (Tip: Plan to entertain on board often? Select Monterey models feature microwaves, wet bars, cockpit grills and other features for a delicious picnic every time.)

Opt for effortless snacking

Wondering what cravings to cruise with? The best picnic spread is the no-fuss kind—still picture-perfect with a checkered blanket, of course, but built around effortless staples like fruits, sandwiches, and shareable pairings like chips or carrots with dip. And don’t forget about some refreshing H2O, too! Here are a few easy options to try…

  • Colorful fruit salad
  • Good-old-fashioned frozen grapes
  • Chicken salad sandwich
  • Chips and a layered Buffalo chicken dip
  • Carrots and hummus
  • Fruit-infused ice water
  • Classic lemonade

Leave no leftovers

With food and drinks this delicious, you likely won’t end up with lots of leftovers! Of course, cruising away empty-handed is a sign of a successful picnic. Be sure to avoid leaving behind any other leftovers, too, in the form of paper waste, plastic bags and other disposables. Better yet, opt for reusable containers and cutlery (plus picture-perfect mason jar tumblers for your fruit-infused water) so that your picnic is as delicious as it is eco-friendly.

For perfect picnic style…

You may have been already been looking for an excuse to break out your best outfit—or at least, something a step above sweatpants and a comfy tee! Use your on-the-water picnic as an excuse to sport your leisure cruising look: Think breezy linen bottoms, a casual button-up tee or dress, and deck shoes that are equal parts style and function for the occasional splash on board.

Add some ambiance

Enjoy your picnic against a relaxing musical backdrop! Bring along a playlist of yacht rock or island jams to pair with your meal. Dinnertime picnics are made even better with battery-powered outdoor lanterns and string lights, too.

We hope that these tips help you enjoy National Picnic Month to the fullest! (Of course, with the convenience and comfort of your very own Monterey, delicious on-the-water dining is a year-round pastime.)

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