How to Upgrade Your Wakeboarding Adventure

Wed, Jul 29, 2020 at 7:09PM

How to Upgrade Your Wakeboarding Adventure

Summer and wakeboarding go hand in hand—and after spending months at home, we bet you’re raring to get back out on the water! Fortunately, this sport is easy to enjoy while still keeping a safe distance from your fellow boaters and sportsters.

Need a refresher before you jump back on board? Here are a few simple tips for taking your wakeboarding adventure to the next level!

Early bird gets the (best) wake

Wakeboarding pairs perfectly with long, lazy summer afternoons—but by starting to think of it as an early riser’s sport, you may be able to enjoy it even more. Hopping aboard during the relative stillness of morning, before the breeze kicks in and fellow boarders arrive, lets you glide across as smooth a surface as possible. And as wakeboarders, we know that there’s nothing like glassy water as a good omen of fast-paced fun to come.

As a bonus, an early wakeboard session also lets you enjoy a peaceful, socially distant escape whenever the water calls. The best part? By getting an early start, you have the rest of your day in front of you to savor at a leisurely pace—have a big, delicious lunch by the water, or enjoy a much-deserved nap.

Fuel up

You fuel up your boat for wake adventures—but be sure to do the same for your body, too! A breakfast or pre-boarding snack filled with lean protein can help power your best session yet. (Tip: Hard-boiled eggs or colorful chicken-veggie skewers work as great make-ahead snacks for the water!)

Correct common mistakes with ease

When trying to take your wakeboarding skills to the next level, start simple! You may be making common mistakes that are easily remedied on the water. For example, if you are constantly falling backwards off board, you may be pulling the rope too tightly toward your own body. Simply keep it straight and relax your arms for a steady ride! Or if you can’t seem to achieve good balance on board, remember to gently bend your knees and let the boat “do the work” of steering and moving ahead, instead of trying to control it all yourself with straight legs and a tight stance.

Enjoy some healthy competition

If you’re someone who enjoys a bit of healthy competition, use it to your advantage on the water! Take turns with a friend and see who can come up with the best wakeboarding tricks or, for beginning boarders, simply stay on the longest. You can even compete with yourself, and work to beat your personal best with every run on the water.

Upgrade your ride for effortless wakeboard thrills

Wakeboarding is one of those great water sports because you don’t need too much equipment to get started beyond your board, a rope and a boat that goes! However, when you’ve developed a love for wakeboarding and want to take your performance to the next level, a new boat might just be the next best step. Monterey has you covered in this department—all of our boats deliver the high-octane thrills and power you need for wake fun, and our equipped Super Sport series is especially ready for fast-paced fun and luxury in every ride.

From fast-paced wake sports, to leisurely cruising along your favorite coast, Monterey will help you enjoy all that life on the water has to offer. Find a dealer near you today to choose your ideal ride.

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