How Long Was The Longest Wakesurf Session Ever?

Wed, Aug 24, 2022 at 6:15PM

How Long Was The Longest Wakesurf Session Ever?

If you’re a water sports fiend, you probably love the thrill of a fast-paced Monterey cruise — or those smooth, perfect turns that blow a breeze through your hair. But while speed definitely has its place in water sports, slow can be just as impressive — especially if you’re, say, trying to beat a wakesurfing world record and want as many minutes (or hours!) to pass by as possible.

Sure, a long wakesurf session might not be quite as flashy as a new trick or kick-flip. But it’s also a serious skill in itself! Just look at Indiana wakesurfer Lori Keeton, who set the world record for the longest time spent surfing a wave (a whopping eight hours). If you thought that was long, you might be surprised to find that the record was recently broken — by Keeton herself, that is, who recently wakesurfed for nearly 15 hours.

So — what inspired her slow, steady journey? And how can you boost your own wakesurfing skills? Just read on to learn more!

Cruising For A Cause

What makes Keeton’s record-breaking rides so amazing — besides, well, the sheer athletic prowess it took to achieve them? She was inspired by a meaningful cause, Wake for Warriors, an organization whose mission is to “[connect] with injured veterans and their families by sharing the healing power of water,” including wakeboarding and wakesurfing lessons!

According to Guinness World Records, Keeton has multiple marines in her family. When she’s not setting (and smashing) records of her own, she helps veterans find new ways to surf their own waves. “I can teach people to surf laying down, sitting, we have adaptive chairs that they can sit into,” she told WTHR.

Tips For A Slow, Steady Ride

So clearly, Keeton has a pretty personal connection to her goal — which definitely helps when it comes time to defy the odds! The out-of-this-world wakesurfer acknowledged to WTHR that a feat this big is a mental and physical challenge — one that involves plenty of the right fuel, hydration, and the ability to plan accordingly for potentially cool H2O. In other words, it’s not for everybody!

However, why not set a smaller (but extremely fun) goal for your next wakesurf session — and keep increasing your board-time by, say, a minute at a time? Here are some basic tips for achieving your best ride yet: 

  • Location, Location, Location: It’s as important to real estate as it is to wakesurfing! Keeton made her record-setting runs at Indiana’s Raccoon Lake — a large lake with plenty of surface area and long, gentle curves. You’ll want to wakesurf somewhere spacious, too, so that your personal-record run isn’t cut short by a lack of room on the water.
  • Put Power On Your Side: Monterey’s many sports boats are designed to provide a smooth ride for passengers and surfers in tow, too. If water sports are your passion, the right equipment can definitely improve your ride.
  • Balance Your Core: Balance is key to achieving a steady wakesurf run — but did you know you can practice this important skill when you’re back on land, too? You can purchase home boards made specifically for this, of course, but you can also practice with a basic, all-around balance trainer — or even start walking on the beach for strong, flexible leg muscles!
  • SPF Always: Sunscreen, shades, and a comfy hat are essential for anyone spending time in the sun — but especially if you plan to be on the water for an extended period of time.
  • Fuel Up: Wakesurfing can be a demanding sport, even if you’re not doing it for 10+ hours at a time! Fuel accordingly with a wholesome breakfast, and get H2O throughout the morning — well before you actually feel parched.
  • Get An Early Start: Speaking of early birds! Getting an early start to your wakesurfing adventure can help you enjoy smoother, glassier water that’s altogether more fun to ride. It can also help you avoid running into crowds that might put an early end to your wakesurf run.
  • Choose Some Tunes: According to Guinness World Records, Keeton played her favorite music from the boat as she wakesurfed her way to international recognition — so we think that’s probably worth trying on your own outing, too! Your Monterey model may already have a built-in sound system, but you can also use a handy outdoor speaker if you have one handy.

We hope that these tips help you take your wakesurf skills to the next level! With the right board and your trusty Monterey, you can do amazing things on the water — and we can’t wait to hear all about them.

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