5-Star Resort Touches For Your Monterey Summer Vacay

Fri, Jun 02, 2023 at 4:20PM

5-Star Resort Touches For Your Monterey Summer Vacay

There’s a lot to love about summer vacation. For some, it’s the ability to embark upon an extreme adventure — like breaking a personal wakesurf record or taking a hydro jetpack for a spin. For others, it’s expanding your horizons and sampling one-of-a-kind local culture and cuisine. Then there are those of us whose favorite part of a vacation day is the end — not because we’re tired from the splashing fun (OK, maybe a little!) but because the allure of crisp linens and resort amenities is a treat in itself.

Fortunately, your Monterey Boat is built to provide the same kind of five-star digs — whether you’re cruising a cabin-equipped Super Sports Boat, luxury M Series, or any model on our lineup! Just read on to see our favorite resort-inspired touches you can bring aboard today.

Towel Warmer & Resort-Ready Linens

If you’ve ever thought about splurging on resort-quality towels, now is the time. After all — when does a warm, fluffy towel feel better than after a brisk swim or wakesurf session? You can even customize your linens with the name of your boat for fun. Then, pair your new set with a towel warmer for an added touch of luxury!

Personalized Toiletries

Speaking of personalization, you can also order custom-label toiletries like soap and hand lotion to keep in your head compartment. You know the kind — the tropical-scented goodies you can’t help but stash away in your suitcase upon resort checkout day! Even on boats without an on-board bathroom, waterless soap or sand sanitizer make great options (and mementos for friends hopping aboard for the first time).

Goodie Basket

There’s nothing better than walking into a bed-and-breakfast or resort suite and being greeted by a hospitality basket filled with treats for your stay — except, maybe, being able to enjoy all those goodies without worrying about an extra charge to your room! You can assemble your own welcome basket for special outings on the water with items like gourmet, local snacks, extra sunglasses, and other fun but practical additions!

If you love in a beachy area, you can also source small souvenirs from a local gift shop. Even if you’ve lived here for years, this can be a fun way to make your everyday boating excursion feel more like a vacation.

H2O With Flair

The best resort lobbies and lounges will often have a complimentary water dispenser for guests — filled with delicious infusions like sliced citrus and strawberries! Borrow this idea for your on-board “hotel” and serve up fruity H2O for a fun refreshment that isn’t your standard pop or bottled water.

Poolside Playlist

When you envision kicking back by the resort pool or hot tub, there’s probably music playing in the background! Don’t forget to incorporate this detail on your floating five-star destination, either with an outdoor speaker or your Monterey’s built-in sound system.

Whether you’re inviting guests aboard or simply want to treat yourself to an extra luxurious experience, these goodies are sure to do the trick! Here’s to five-star fun, wherever you cruise this summer.

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