Fun Black Friday Alternatives

Thu, Nov 26, 2015 at 12:20PM

Family togetherness and delicious food make Thanksgiving special. But once the big day is over… then what? We love Black Friday shopping as much as anyone, but if you crave a different kind of experience this year, you may want to consider the following alternatives:

Shop local

One of the best ways to switch up your Black Friday routine is to go shopping, but stay local. Because the majority of Black Friday deals and action goes on in department stores and other big name shops, local stores and small businesses often fall to the wayside at this time of the year. Show support for your local businesses by taking your shopping there instead—you may find the same deals and items you love, and you’ll be supporting your community in the process!

Visit a museum

Visiting a museum is a great idea any time of the year, but it’s an especially smart choice on Black Friday. Many museums offer discounts and other promotions on this day, and you will likely run into less crowds because everyone is out shopping. Bring the whole family and enjoy the afternoon.

Play board games

Because smartphones, videogames and TV take up so much of our attention at home, many of us rarely sit down and play board games anymore. This Black Friday, why not change that? Enjoy an old fashioned round (or two) of classic favorites like Monopoly, Scrabble or Clue—you can bet that there will be lots of smiles and laughs from everyone involved!

Spend the day baking

Cooking or baking the day after Thanksgiving may seem counterintuitive, but it is a great way to keep the holiday spirit alive and intact. By heading to the kitchen after Thanksgiving, you will also be able to use up lots of Turkey Day ingredients (like cranberries, pumpkin, etc.) in new, tasty ways. Use your homemade creations to feed your family or give out as heartfelt gifts.

Watch sports

Thanksgiving afternoon may be all about football, but Black Friday sees its share of sport action as well! Tune in to watch basketball, hockey, or college football on the day after Thanksgiving.

Enjoy the outdoors

At this time of year, so much of the country is experiencing beautiful fall weather. Get out and enjoy it! Take the family on a neighborhood walk or hike, go biking, or play a game of touch football or soccer in the backyard.

Go boating

Prefer to spend your Black Friday on the water? This is a great day to go fishing or simply enjoy a relaxing trip with family and friends.

Look at holiday lights

By Thanksgiving, many homes and businesses already have their holiday lights strung up and turned on. Enjoy these lights by taking a stroll through your neighborhood or a nearby shopping plaza.

Give back

Of course, one of the best things you can do this Black Friday is give back to the community. Volunteer at a food bank or soup kitchen or spend time cleaning up the community—no matter what you do, you can be sure that your impact will be felt this Black Friday.


While we love it, Thanksgiving can surely be a hectic holiday! If you need a break this Black Friday, feel free to kick back, relax, and enjoy a favorite movie.


Fun Black Friday Alternatives

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