Celebrating Tell a Story Day

Sun, Apr 16, 2017 at 2:55PM

Celebrating Tell a Story Day

April 27th is Tell a Story Day--not that you needed a reason to share your favorite tales from the water!

Once you've got the family gathered around the campfire or your favorite fishing hole, what story are you going to tell? Try one of the ideas below for inspiration!

Your first time boating...

What was it like the first time you hit the open water? Were you accompanying Mom or Dad on their boat, or navigating your own path around local waterways?

No matter when or where you started boating, it's always a breathtaking experience--and since we naturally tend to remember pivotal moments like these with more wonder and clarity, they make for perfect story starters. Maybe you got seasick--a dreaded but normal occurrence--and had to re-chart your course for the day. Or maybe you brought along Fido, and the pair of you learned your way around the water simultaneously. The key story you want to tell: what happened during your first boat trip, that made you want to take a second one (and a third, and a fourth)? Answering that question is sure to bring back a rush of fond memories.

... or fishing

In many families, fishing is a pastime, a lifestyle passed down from generation to generation. So it only makes sense that anglers have deep familial connections to the sport. Share a story about the first time you caught a fish (or the first time you tried to), or the time you brought home an even better catch than Dad. Even more great story potential lies in the origins of your lucky fishing hat, the old, tattered kind that every angler has and can never quite part with. Stories like these might even inspire the younger generation of your own family to take up an interest in fishing!

Tales from an old novice

If you spend so much time on the water that others are almost intimidated by your skill and know-how, you might find it fun to indulge in some self-deprecating storytelling. Share the tale of a time when you weren't quite in control--when a fish slipped right out of your grip, when you fell into the water, when you thought you were going in the right direction but were way off. These stories are sure to elicit lots of laughs and, for you, result in some serious reflection about just how far you've come.

The meaning behind your favorite destination

If you have a favorite destination--a quiet cove, a bustling waterfront café, a sloping sand dune--your family probably already knows about it. What they might not know is why the spot holds such a special meaning for you. Dive in and share the story of your greatest memories at those destinations, and help them understand the wonder and excitement you experienced when you first got there.

Forgotten family tales

We don't remember every story we're a part of. If yours is a family with lots of history on the water, why not share a story about your child that they wouldn't be able to remember on their own? These family tales are almost always embarrassing--but, once everyone's had their laugh, they're usually the very best way to put a smile on your face.

We here at Monterey want to know--what's your story? Share it with us below and celebrate the tales--silly, serious, and sentimental--that got you to where you are today. 

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