The Rise of Floating Food Boats

Sat, Apr 15, 2017 at 2:45PM

The Rise of Floating Food Boats

The rise of the food truck is impossible to miss, with fast food and artisanal creations alike finding a niche home on wheels. Could the same be happening for food boats?

We sure hope so! The trend of making, buying, and enjoying food on the water may be a young one, but already has the makings of something we're more than excited to enjoy for years to come.

In today's blog, we're exploring the quirks of this growing industry--as well as a few of the country's favorite food boats!

Why it works

When it comes to food served on boats, it's hard to go wrong. What better way for boaters, swimmers, and water sport adventurers to enjoy their favorite treats without ever having to venture back on land?

Since this is such a new and ever-growing industry, it's up to the minds of a few creative entrepreneurs (who have a knack for food and a love of the water) to decide what path the food boats take. Some take a self-made approach, and simply use kayaks or other smaller vessels to get food from land to the water. It's a sort of delivery service, one that ensures you, the customer, never have to leave your spot on the surface. It works great for refreshments and simple snacks like hot dogs, since there's not much room for variation or special orders.

For a dining experience that's a little more complicated--rather, a little more akin to the fast food joints and shacks you love on land--there are bigger vessels, like barges, which plant themselves where the people are and offer up a variety of easy, tasty dishes. Get a burger, some fries, and your favorite soda all while soaking up the comfortable combination of surf and sun.

Where to enjoy

Where can you enjoy on-the-water fare like never before? Like we said, it's still a growing industry--so food boats, in some form, can pop up at your local waterway virtually any time. Some, however, have established themselves as must-do destinations in their own right.

Take, for example, Jones Beach in Long Island, New York. There you'll find the aptly-named Burger Buoy, a floating houseboat turned food shack that offers up classic treats like juicy angus burgers, toasty grilled cheese sandwiches, ice cream, and--perhaps surprisingly--even breakfast food favorites like home fries and, of course, bagels, which the state is known for.

A similar variety can be found at boats in Miami's Haulover Sandbar, where permanently shallow water makes for a popular swimming hole and raft-up spot on weekends. In addition to classic fast food fare, you can even find a boat that specializes in Shawarma!

Does your local river or ocean getaway offer up eats like these, delivered on the water? Let us know! For hungry boaters, there's no simpler (or tastier) way to dine.

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