Time Stops on Texoma

Tue, May 08, 2018 at 10:05AM

Time Stops on Texoma

Mix together the best of Texas and Oklahoma …and you’ll find Lake Texoma.

A freely-shaped reservoir that straddles the border between the two states, Lake Texoma is a big one: a beloved spot for anglers, pleasure boaters, water sports lovers and aquatic aficionados of all sorts.

Everyone comes to the lake for the same purpose—to spend a day, maybe a weekend or a week cruising its vibrant shores and checking out the scene above and below the surface. But even the most astute planner can lose their sense of time on the waters that shape Lake Texoma. It’s as if time stops, and the water beckons you to stick around just a little while longer…

Not so sure? Read on as we explore the allure of Lake Texoma—and to start planning your own adventure there soon!

What’s biting?

One of the most well-known features of Lake Texoma appeals to the angling crowd: There is a wide variety of fish to see and catch!

Texoma is home to blue, channel and flathead catfish, white bass, largemouth, crappie and more—but it is perhaps best-known for being the “Striper Capital of the World.” The lake boasts one of the best natural populations of striped bass to be found just about anywhere. After they’ve spawned for the spring, you can find those stripers primarily on the flats in the river channel at the heart of the lake (don’t worry, there’s plenty of room to find them—the lake covers nearly 100,000 acres in all!).

The striper’s fellow bass—large and smallmouth, as well as spotted—prefer to stick around the edges of the water, seeking out cover in the structure and natural vegetation of the shallow shores.

Exploring an aquatic escape

Once you’re done angling for the day—or the week, depending on the size of your adventure and fishing crew—you might want to take some time to unwind and explore the aquatic escape in front of you. Simply cruising around is a great way to pass your time, since there is an unparalleled abundance of landscapes to ogle at from the water. There are wooded lakefronts, rolling plains (the kind the region is known for), and, perhaps most notably, striking shoreline cliffs like the ones you’ll find off Eisenhower State Park at the Texas side of the lake.

There is also a handful of islands at the center of the lake—most notably North, Wood and Treasure—where you will often find a lively atmosphere: raft-ups, music and a community of fellow boaters seeking to soak up that Southwestern sunshine the best way they know how.

Kick it up a notch

Of course, high-octane fun also has its place on Lake Texoma. For as much fun you can have angling or exploring the coast, you can spend an equal amount of time skimming the water’s surface from your own board or pair of skis. The famously blue, rich and glossy water will serve as the perfect backdrop to a variety of water sport escapades… just choose your sport and enjoy the ride.

The fun floats on

The fun floats on even when you’re searching for a snack or a break from the sun. If you find yourself on the Oklahoma side of the lake, for example, a delicious meal at the Alberta Creek Floating Café is sure to hit the spot. The café is, quite literally, floating—a barge-style digs known for its famous catfish, prime rib, and other hearty dishes. The best part? Boat-up “parking” means you never need to leave the water. Like the rest of Texoma, it’s one of those places where you lose track of time and get caught on in the simple pleasures right in front of you—like a mouthwatering meal in the heart of an aquatic paradise.

Words alone can’t do this Southwestern gem justice. Come out and see the aquatic expanse for yourself! Whether you’re cruising in from Texas, Oklahoma or out of the area entirely, you’re sure to discover something really special.




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