Pumpkin Power: Getting In The Halloween Spirit on the Water

Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 2:30PM

Pumpkin Power: Getting In The Halloween Spirit on the Water

This October, glowing jack-o’-lanterns and the crisp fall breeze might be turning your attention to everyone’s favorite fall time squash: the pumpkin!

Did you know that pumpkins and boating naturally go together at this time of the year? In today’s blog, we’ll show you how! Just read on to learn about the fun ways you can mesh your love of boating with your penchant for pumpkins.

Giant pumpkin regattas

It’s an odd tradition that has persisted throughout the years in select cities—a giant pumpkin regatta! This annual event sees participants (often decked out in their Halloween costumes) make their way through the water in hollowed-out giant pumpkins. It’s a sight worth seeing in person, even if you’re not in the water yourself. Some of the most famous regattas happen in Oregon, Maine, and Utah, but more have been started in cities across the US and even in Canada—so check with your local news to see if one is going on near you!

Nautical carved pumpkins

Looking for a unique way to carve your pumpkins this year? Instead of a traditional jack-o’-lantern face, you can try a few nautical variations! Consider carving a pirate’s face (complete with an eyepatch), anchor, ship or another favorite symbol. As we get closer to Halloween, add a flameless candle and keep it on your front porch for a fun, festive way to show off your seafaring spirit.

Warm pumpkin drinks…

It’s always nice to have a warm, flavorful drink on hand during cold mornings on the water. Season yours with a rich pumpkin spice mix to enjoy that classic fall flavor, wherever you go.

…and tasty treats for the trip ahead

Are you wondering what to do after you’ve carved out a pumpkin (or several)? One great way to put those seeds and pumpkin “guts” to use is to incorporate them into tasty treats, snacks and sandwiches for on-board enjoyment. Some great creations include…

  • Pumpkin bread, a comfort food favorite you will love to snack on throughout the season
  • Sandwiches with the added texture of pumpkin seeds sprinkled in
  • Pie, the ultimate seasonal dish worth savoring on your next free morning

Which of these fun activities do you plan to try this October? Let us know below!

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