New Year, New Boat

Mon, Jan 09, 2017 at 8:55AM

New Year, New Boat

Are you looking to make 2017 your best-ever year on the water? With the help of the right spots, the perfect crewmates, and a boat you love, this goal is more than achievable.

Take a look at today’s blog for our best ideas for making your boating experience feel like new in the year ahead.

Name your Monterey

Don’t let your Monterey go nameless one more year! Use this month as a fresh start and name (or rename) your boat to give it an identity on the water. It may seem like a small change, but who knows? The name you choose might help you craft your own on-the-water philosophy, making you a more peaceful boater or increasing your thirst for aquatic adventures.

Redesign your space

Just as you might have big, ambitious plans to renovate your home’s interior this January, you might consider doing the same for your boat. You can count on your Monterey to provide a sleek, stylish backdrop to any on-the-water outing—you just have to supplement it with the comfy pillows and below-deck linens that speak to your style! This small shift might be just what you needed to make your boat feel like a brand new space.

Shift your routine

To reimagine your experience on the water, why not shift your routine? Head out a little earlier, for example, or make sunsets on the water a weekly must-do. If you normally head out solo, why not invite a friend or loved one to enjoy the excursion with you? It’s never too late to shape new habits on the water—especially ones that lead to more fun, laughs, and memories.

Take the plunge

These tips can make your boat and boating experience feel like new—but not if you don’t already have a Monterey of your own! If you’ve been imagining spending time on the water from a captain’s perspective, and not that of a passenger, this ought to be the year you set off on your very own boat.

Can we help make your boating experience special with new gear, boating tips, or the brand new Monterey of your dreams? Contact us today and let us know—we’re excited to be a part of your best year yet!

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