More Water Fun: Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Mon, Jun 01, 2015 at 2:15PM

SUP! No, it’s not just our greeting to you… SUP actually stands for stand-up paddleboards, and the fun on the water you can have with them! If you’ve been looking for the next fun thing to bring along on your upcoming summer boat trips, try getting into paddle boarding; it’s fun, inexpensive and easy to learn for both kids and adults! Read on for more about this budding new sport.

What is SUP all about?

When it comes to stand-up paddle boarding, one of the biggest questions first-time participants have is what’s the difference between this board and a surfboard? That’s understandable, since the two boards seem so similar and are used in the water, after all. The key difference is that your paddleboard is made slightly differently, designed to accommodate a wider stance more suitable for paddling.

Should you be interested in trying out SUP for yourself, it’s actually pretty easy to learn… while, of course, half the fun is falling into the water and getting back up again! To get yourself started safely and comfortably, be sure to stand with your legs at about hip-width’s distance apart centered around the middle of the board. Once you’ve got your balance and are ready to paddle, be sure to place your right hand below your left on the board if you’re trying to steer yourself right. Of course, if you want to go left, make sure your left hand is on the bottom. Turn with your torso as you paddle—alternating with four or five strokes on each side should be able to keep you in a relatively straight line.

As for where you should go boarding, a safe bet is to go wherever you’d be comfortable swimming. Falls in the water aren’t just inevitable, they’re part of the sport! So once you’re off your Monterey, be sure to get out of the way of other boats and start in a safe, quiet water setting.

When shopping for your SUP gear, you don’t need to break bank to pick up everything you’ll need; a board, paddle, leash to keep you tethered on board and personal floatation device (which you probably already have stowed away on board) are all that’s needed to get started and maintain a fun, active SUP hobby.

Who can do it?

Whether you’re eight or 28, short or tall, with paddleboards made for multiple weights and purposes, SUP really is one of those universally friendly sports… even Fido can take part in the fun! Many people who paddleboard opt to bring their pooch along for the ride—on calm waters, this can be an especially fun way to foster some bonding with man’s best friend.

Because of its rhythmic paddling motions, SUP is a fantastic way to burn calories and get your daily cardio workout in. Try it out with your family and friends this summer—you might make a lifelong hobby out of it.

Do you paddleboard, or have your own favorite on-the-water sport?  Stick with us throughout the summer as we talk about more ways you can get active on and off your Monterey boat.

More Water Fun: Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

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