Home for the Holidays: Coastal-Themed Decor

Sun, Dec 14, 2014 at 4:25PM

Can’t take your boat out for the holidays? The next best thing might just be a boat-themed scheme for your indoor decorations. We looked around and found our favorite picks for a nautical holiday.


DIY ornaments

This is a great craft for kids and a stylish way to display your favorite treasures from the sea. Just pick up some see-through “fillable” ornaments from your local arts and crafts store and fill with sand (fresh or storebought!) for a kind of makeshift snowglobe. You can add in shells that you’ve picked up on trips or write the name of a favorite location on the outside in paint. Finish it off by tying a ribbon at the top!


Don’t limit yourself to the spherical ornament. If you want to get really creative, try painting your favorite coastal landscape (or just writing the name of one) on a large, flat seashell. Drill in a hole to add an ornament hook.


Starfish Christmas tree

If you’re going for the boating theme on your tree, why not top it off with a twist on the traditional star? Use a starfish as your topper or add several to your tree for a beachy look.


Sailboat Menorah

We found a traditional Menorah that you light during Chanukah—that’s shaped like a sailboat! You can buy this one at


Seafarer’s wreath

This ocean-inspired wreath is handmade and lots of fun. You can use an old (or fake) ship’s wheel as your starting point, than wrap it with garland or attach photos, seashells… you name it. Another option is to attach an anchor (paper, wood, felt, etc.) to a circular frame, which can be an actual ready-made wreath or one made with foam. Paint both pieces and wrap with ribbon or rope for a more nautical look.


Light-up Mason jars

Akin to the traditional snowglobe, this Mason jar project is simple and will add some light (and nautical flair) to your home. Pick out a few jars (blue is ideal for an oceanic flair) and fill with sand and seashells. Leave some space before you place the lid and add a battery-powered tea light candle. With several in a row, these jars can light up a mantel or serve on their own as a dining room centerpiece.

Home for the Holidays: Coastal-Themed Decor

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