Embrace Your Thrill-Seeking Side At The Palm Beach International Boat Show

Tue, Mar 05, 2024 at 10:38AM

Embrace Your Thrill-Seeking Side At The Palm Beach International Boat Show

When you think of your dream on-the-water lifestyle, it’s hard not to close your eyes and picture sunny South Florida — especially bustling cities like Palm Beach. Here, picturesque, Old Florida charm and luxurious downtown esplanades meet the breathtaking Intracoastal and, then, the greater Atlantic Ocean — a unique marine topography that lends itself to a variety of on-the-water activities, from fishing to leisurely cruising to high-tech water sports.

It's no surprise, then, that the Palm Beach International Boat Show is such a popular draw for boaters at this time of year. A whopping 55,000-plus are expected to attend the 2024 event, which helps kick off the spring boating season in earnest — making it a must-do for Monterey Boaters who are looking for their next ride, or who simply want to enjoy their current one by cruising the perimeter of boat show festivities.

Whatever your pleasure, here’s a quick guide on some of the best things to do and see at (and around) this year’s show!

High-Tech Thrills

If you already have a beautiful Monterey Boat, you have everything you need to enjoy a truly memorable on-the-water adventure. After all, isn’t one of the greatest simple pleasures just cruising up the coast of your favorite waterfront with family and friends by your side?

With all that being said, of course, it never hurts to take the thrills up a notch — and at this year’s show, there will be plenty of opportunities to do just that. In particular, Nautical Ventures’ AquaZone will give you the chance to see new water sports and marine innovations demonstrated in real time right before your eyes. If you’ve been thinking about mixing up your on-the-water routine with a novel water toy or piece of tech, it’s certainly worth checking out at this year’s show. Plus, the spring boating season is practically upon us — so it’s not as if you’ll have to wait months (or even weeks!) to test it out.

Learn Something New

Sometimes, the best thing you take home from a boat show isn’t a tangible thing, per se, but knowledge that will help inform your future adventures. That’s certainly a possibility at the Palm Beach International Boat Show, where you’ll be delighted to discover plenty of educational opportunities for improving your boating experience.

A handful of the fun, informative seminars you can look forward to at this year’s show include:

  • Boating to The Bahamas: Ease of Crossing, a session that’s all about charting your own course to a true Caribbean gem — that’s fairly local, when you look at its geographical proximity to the Sunshine State, but feels like a far-away fantasy world. Topics covered include preparation, navigation, and helpful tips for getting to the idyllic islands on your own terms.
  • Hook the Future Kids: Fishing Clinic, a returning favorite for young crew members interested in fishing for the first time — or improving their skills, so they can hold their own next to mom or dad! Monterey Boats are built for a well-rounded cruising experience that blends boating, water sports, and fishing, if you’d like, so this is certainly a seminar worth stopping by if you want to go angling this spring!


If education is on your mind at this year’s show, you’ll also have fun learning about sustainability efforts! The show is produced on behalf of the Marine Industries Association of Palm Beach County, for example, and strives to help the local ecosystem in myriad ways — from serving up sustainable (and delicious) foods to attendees, to donating unused marquees to shelter sea turtles from the elements.


Because of its unique blend of modern city infrastructure and natural wonder, South Florida is a great place to observe the delicate balance of the marine environment right before your eyes. Of course, there’s no better way to do that than by hopping aboard your very own Monterey Boat.


Speaking of which...


Cruise Your Way

You can’t finish your weekend at the Palm Beach International Boat Show without exploring the local boating scene! Yes, you can probably count on the boat show location (the Palm Harbor Marina and scenic Flagler Drive) to be fairly busy during the event itself — but that’s just one corner of Palm Beach’s epic cruising locale.

Farther up the Intracoastal Waterway you’ll find Peanut Island, which is a fantastic natural escape from the hustle and bustle of Palm Beach’s iconic downtown scene. If you’ve ever had the pleasure, you know the small but mighty island looks like a slice of Caribbean beauty dropped right into the heart of South Florida — a great place to go swimming or snorkeling, paddle around, or simply soak up some restorative rest on the beach!

Alternatively, you might find yourself cruising south from show weekend. Fortunately, you’ll find that there are plenty of options in this direction, too! The sparkling splendor of Lake Worth Lagoon stretches past a whopping 13 cities, so it’s the perfect place for a leisurely cruise past some of South Florida’s most dazzling waterfront real estate and natural attractions, too, like the bird-filled shores of the Bingham Islands.

If you’re keen to venture farther out and maybe do some fishing form your Monterey Boat, you’re in luck on that front as well: The Palm Beach area is home to some of Florida’s best sportfishing opportunities, where sailfish, blue marlin, and other photo-worthy catches are yours for the reeling in. Even if you don’t feel like fishing, the allure of the open ocean will help you connect with nature in a meaningful way. They do say blue spaces help promote improved mental wellbeing, after all.

We can’t wait to see you at this year’s show! And if you’re inspired by what you see on the floor, get in touch or try out the Build Your Boat feature on Monterey’s website — the perfect way to experiment with different colors and configurations from the comfort of home, turning your dream into reality in the process. What could be better than that?

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