A Pi Day Adventure To Stunning Sicily

Tue, Mar 12, 2024 at 12:15PM

A Pi Day Adventure To Stunning Sicily

Happy Pi Day! The fun March 14 holiday is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a pizza or delicious fruit pie. But at its heart, Pi Day is really all about celebrating the important mathematical constant that starts with 3.14159 — and goes on for, well, infinity after that.

At first glance, pi and your Monterey Boat might not have that much in common. But in honor of Pi Day, why not take a splashing trip to the place it all began — to the Mediterranean island where Archimedes of Syracuse first calculated that famous sequence of digits, changing math and science history as we know it?

That’s right: Sicily is the birthplace of pi, and it also happens to be a pretty beautiful place to go boating! In honor of this spring holiday, come with us on a virtual tour of the island’s best boating passages — plus some fun ways to experience Sicily beyond the water, too.

First, a pro tip: As always when exploring new international destinations, you’ll want to do plenty of reading and travel preparation before you go so you know exactly where and how to cruise in accordance with local regulations. But for a general idea of some of Sicily’s most beautiful attractions, today’s guide should serve as a helpful starting point. Without further ado, let’s jump in!

Aegadian Islands

The Aegadian Islands — aka the Egadi Islands — can be found off Sicily’s west coast, and form a truly scenic corner of Mediterranean’s cruising scene. According to Condé Nast Traveler, this charming enclave was once heralded as the world’s tuna capital, which is one of the ways it gained prominence among its many coastal neighbors. Today, its marine allure is beloved by in-the-know visitors who leisurely boat past the white facades (and bright blue shutters) carved into rolling coastal mountains.

If soaking in the view isn’t enough, you can jump right into it by navigating a stand-up paddleboard or kayak closer to shore! Any way you choose to explore, the clear, aquamarine waters provide a pristine backdrop to your Mediterranean adventure. Don’t forget to fuel up with local fare, of which there are countless mouthwatering options — such as seafood or Sicilian stuffed rice balls known as arancini, to name just a few popular picks. You’ll need some delicious sustenance for all that island-hopping!

Aeolian Islands

Speaking of island-hopping, there’s even more to explore off Sicily’s storied coast. Craving more of an “out-there” island adventure? The dreamy Aeolian Islands are clustered a bit farther out to shore from Sicily’s northeast shore — but the large, verdant landscapes are sure to take your breath away and make the trip more than worth it.

Named after the ruler of the winds in Homer’s Odyssey, it’s no surprise that the archipelago is a popular spot for sailing. However, we think it’s just as perfect a place for power boaters craving a touch of old-world leisure. (Hey, these islands have been inhabited for several millennia!)

Many A-list celebrities have been spotted exploring the Aeolian Islands, so you’ll be in some good company if you choose to take a spring getaway here. The largest of the islands is Lipari, where bright, peachy facades overlook a stunning waterfront — its fellow islands fading into the horizon like green mirages the farther you look out.

Ancient Ortigia

Back to pi for a moment! If you want to really walk in Archimedes’ mathematical footsteps, cruise on over to Syracuse and the ancient island of Ortigia. In ancient times, this speck off the coast of mainland Sicily made for an important marine fortress — and thousands of years later, as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it serves as a “remarkable testimony of the Mediterranean cultures over the centuries.”

As you meander along the coast, you’ll be moved by the world-world façades that make you feel as though you’ve accidentally cruised through a time portal of some sort — with only the sleek, modern technology of your Monterey Boat to remind you that you’re still in the 21st century! To get even closer to nature, you can take a guided tour of the local sea caves — the dazzling H2O getting slightly cooler as you paddle into natural shade from the Mediterranean sun above, every maneuver bringing you further into a rich, storied past.

For A Slice Of Sicily Closer To Home...

If you’re moved by the idea of a Sicilian getaway but can’t make it happen in time for this Pi Day, don’t worry! There are still so many fun ways to celebrate the spirit of this Mediterranean island from much closer to home.

For starters, might we recommend making (or picking up) a Sicilian “pi” for the ride? Unlike most pizzas, this one typically has a thicker, focaccia-based crust and is served up in rectangular slices — all the more perfect for sharing with friends and family around the bow of your Monterey Boat!

Now that we’ve taken care of fuel for the ride, where will you go? You could check out one of America’s “Little Italy” neighborhoods to get close to the spirit of the Mediterranean island. The most famous may be in New York, but there’s also a pretty massive one in San Diego — which, obviously, is much more of a spring boating destination! Nothing works up an appetite for Mediterranean flavor quite like a day of SoCal cruising.

Then, closer to summer as the weather warms up, you can plan a trip to Syracuse, New York — which was actually named after the Sicilian city due to the similarities they share! Indeed, make the comparison for yourself: Your Monterey Boat is the best way to experience the majesty of the Finger Lakes, whose hilly shores don’t look too different from the rolling beauty of Sicily’s archipelagos.

As our virtual Pi Day journey proves, there’s always something new to discover on the water — and your Monterey Boat helps you see (and do) it all! Who knew one little number could bring us to such a stunning destination?


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