Embrace 2024 Travel Trends On Your Monterey Boat

Tue, Jan 30, 2024 at 5:37PM

Embrace 2024 Travel Trends On Your Monterey Boat

As the holiday tinsel dust has settled and we move forward into 2024, you might be thinking more about what you want from the rest of this year — a calendar full of opportunities to laugh, explore, and spend more time with friends and family.

Just like there are trends for everything from fashion to home design to the foods we eat, there are trends forecasted for 2024 travel — and they make for an exciting on-the-water outlook! If you’re looking for ways to mix up your Monterey routine, check out some of these thrilling trends and consider implementing them on your next adventure.

Explore... Your Backyard?

According to Southern Living, 2024 travelers are increasingly interested in backyard travel — maybe not their literal backyards, but destinations in the near vicinity. This is a great one for boaters, too, since it encourages you to tap into quieter, underrated bodies of water that boast big-time thrills. After all, there’s a special kind of fun in being the first in your group to “discover” a hidden gem — and there’s nothing like a glassy wakeboarding session on a quiet corner of lakefront. And for ocean boaters, chances are if you live near a beach (as approximately 40% of Americans do), you have endless options to scope out somewhere new by simply traveling north or south of your typical cruising grounds.

A different county can make a world of difference — like you’ve truly taken a proper vacation even if you’ve only slightly tweaked your route.

“Dupe” Your Itinerary

Just like you can buy more cost-effective “dupes” for virtually any household product, the pros at Travel & Leisure note that 2024 will see travelers opting for destinations that mirror the traits of other (pricier) locales — such as Curacao over St. Martin, for example.

In fact, many of the most popular “dupe” destinations are great options for boaters! In our book, this actually makes a lot of sense — because so much of a boater’s vacation is about the experience on the water, and is less dependent on the specific amenities on land. Stunning coastal mountains, islands, and pristine water are always worth the trip — no matter the specific zip code or passport stamp!

Have More Foodie Fun

The folks at Food & Wine say we should be on the lookout for “immersive culinary experiences” this year. Traditionally, this might mean taking a cooking class or having a unique dinner experience reflective of the local culture and community. But we think this is another opportunity worth digging into on your Monterey.

This year, for example, you can embark upon a self-guided tour of famous culinary destinations in a specific city or region. Take a baking class and bring your goodies on board, or cruise by a waterfront farmers market for some deliciously fresh refueling.

Follow The River

Veranda predicts luxury river cruises will grow in popularity in 2024. Of course, here at Monterey Boats, we think this trend is worth hopping aboard your very own ride! From California’s iconic delta to the countless communities that call the Mississippi “home,” river boating means you never run out of new sights and scenes to discover.

Customize Your Cruising Experience

One of the trends we love best is’s report that boat customization will continue to take off in 2024. We’re happy about that because, well, customizing your Monterey Boat is a breeze. From the comfort of home, you can experiment with different colors, options, and amenities for your dream ride. Don’t forget to brainstorm a name you and your family love!

Trends may change from year to year — that’s what makes them trends, after all — but your Monterey Boat provides a timeless blend of style and function that will help you tackle them all with ease. We can’t see what thrills you get up to in 2024 and beyond!

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