New Trends for Boat Owners in 2012

Fri, Dec 30, 2011 at 12:00AM

One trend won't change for Monterey Boats in 2012. We'll continue to produce the most high quality boats possible for boat buyers worldwide.

Beginning just after the first of the year in New York, you can see many of our 2012 models and find out for yourself about our superior engineering and design.

There are some trends that could impact owners of Monterey Boats, though, from what they use on their boats to where they park their boat.

The integration of electronics into what you do will keep intensifying as people expect to have the same always-in-touch abilities that they have on land. But even better will be the growth in the services you can get on your mobile device for navigation, weather and other marine programs. Of course, if you go boating to get away from it all, you can always leave your mobile devices at home.

Trailer boaters will continue to face changing regulations and increasing fees for where they want to launch their boat. Local governments have been hit hard in the financial crunch of the past few years and are having to lean on users of their public facilities for more revenue. Environmental controls also will continue as people search for the best way to preserve marine habitats.

Marina users also will see a lot of changes as marina operators attempt to retain customers and attract more. One trend that is helping marinas is they are seeing more large boats seeking a berth. They'll be able to increase the size of their berths and charge more for them. With even more people boating, marinas know they can attract more customers by also offering service to a wider range of boaters - from large yachts to kayaks.

The trend that should be welcomed by all Monterey Boats owners is that just like their Monterey, services and products will continue to upgrade as they compete for one of the best business segments in the world - the marine industry.

To help keep up with changes in the industry and at Monterey Boats, just go to our blog archive.

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