Argentine Summer in a Monterey Boat

Thu, Dec 29, 2011 at 12:00AM

It is summertime in Argentina and the living is easy aboard a Monterey Boat. You can cruise from Santa Fe to Buenos Aires on the Parana River and explore the Atlantic coastline.

If you don't have a Monterey Boat, your first stop should be our dealer in Rosario, just 190 miles upriver from Buenos Aires. Master Marine S.R.L. has a nice selection of Monterey models from which to choose.

Once you're hooked up, you can begin your adventure by checking out the neoclassical architecture that has been maintained through the years in Rosario, one of Argentina's most important cities with its deep water port.

Whether you are into water sports or just cruising, Monterey Boats is perfect for Argentina with its many waterways and sights to see. From hitting the night spots and restaurants to watching for whales to seeing the glaciers at Patagonia, the country offers an endless supply of activities for residents and visitors.

The economy of Argentina has stabilized in the past few years and can offer a peaceful, relaxing outpost in the world.

Summer lasts from December to February so right now is the perfect time for spending as much time as possible on a Monterey Boat.

Explore the Ministry of Tourism's website to learn about the many opportunities to enjoy Argentina and remember to check out our website to find the Monterey Boats model that is right for you.

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