A Football-Inspired Boating Day In Nevada’s Lake Mohave

Tue, Jan 30, 2024 at 5:36PM

A Football-Inspired Boating Day In Nevada’s Lake Mohave

The weeks leading up to the Super Bowl are always filled with tension, suspense, and the hopes that your team might just make it to the big day. But no matter who’s matching up, the destination of the biggest sporting event of the year is always sure to come alive with fans and travelers seeking to experience the buzz in person.

But if you want to explore the Super Bowl’s host city without splashing out on tickets, why not do it from your Monterey Boat? This year’s game takes place in Las Vegas — and despite being located in the heart of the desert, there are some truly beautiful boating destinations within driving distance from the city. One of our favorites? The deep, cerulean charm and rolling shores of Lake Mohave.

Just read on to see what makes this desert gem so special — and our tips for enjoying it from your Monterey Boat, this Super Bowl season and all year long.

Off The Beaten Path

When you think “Las Vegas boating,” your mind might jump to the expansive Lake Mead: the Colorado River reservoir that straddles the border between Nevada and Arizona, providing boaters from both states a chance to enjoy some water sports fun.

As adventure and pleasure boaters, we love Lake Mead! However, there’s something to be said about boating off the beaten path — and Lake Mohave, a bit farther south from so-called “Sin City,” gives you a chance to do exactly that.

The extra time you spend driving there pays off on the water, where you’ll discover a back-to-nature break from the hustle and bustle of the city. There are multiple coves, each with its own quiet charm. Plus, according to the National Park Service, “remarkably little sediment has accumulated in Lake Mohave” compared to its larger neighbor, Lake Mead — which can help explain Mohave’s stunning clarity.

A One-Of-A-Kind Boarding Backdrop

Said pristine water is, of course, a treat for all kinds of boaters — whether you’re enjoying a leisurely ride on your Monterey Boat, or hopping into a canoe or kayak at one of the lake’s many idyllic coves. However, Lake Mohave is especially well-known for its thrilling water sport opportunities! Its long, narrow shape lends itself to uninterrupted wakeboarding sessions. Like its neighbor Lake Mead, you’ll also find multiple dive sites worth checking out if you are an experienced diver. Just check with local pros before you go to learn about Lake Mohave’s safety regulations.

Not a diver or a boarder just yet? There’s still plenty of other activities to enjoy! The unique backdrop of Lake Mohave, which can sometimes look like it’s from a different planet, is just as fun for those who want to simply cruise and soak in the views.

Meet The Neighbors

Even if you come to Lake Mohave for cruising and water sports fun, you might find yourself sticking around for the fishing scene. Largemouth bass, channel catfish, and rainbow trout are also familiar faces around Lake Mohave’s waters — and there’s abundant structure to fish beneath the surface, making for a fun challenge for anglers. Just be sure to brush up on bag limits before you go, so you know exactly what you can fish for (and how much).

The American West is home to no shortage of beautiful boating destinations — including scrub-lined desert oases that inspire new on-the-water horizons! We hope you have a splashing time exploring Lake Mohave and beyond.




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