Back to the Basics: Being On the Water

Fri, Jul 24, 2015 at 1:55PM

When you were a young kid on the water, what kind of things did you do to have fun? Today, there’s a wealth of gadgets and cool water toys you can bring along with you—and while these can provide hours of fun, sometimes it’s worth going back to the basics and doing the simple things again.

Do you remember when just cruising on the water was the most fun way to spend a weekend afternoon? For you, it probably still is! And while today, most of us couldn’t live without the directional help of a trusty GPS, there is something nice about cruising with no firm destination in mind. You can appreciate the views of the hills, cities or open water around you and just relax. This is the thing to do after a hectic week at work or when you just need to unwind.

Another of the boating world’s most tranquil, simple activities: fishing. Whether you’re quietly angling in a small lake or out fishing for a big catch on the open water, you’re able to dedicate your time to a task that’s worthwhile and uncomplicated.

Getting your kids to part with their phones and other tech may seem like a big task—but the time they spend with you and the rest of the family can improve when they do. Encourage them with fun activities like:

  • Board games… on board. This activity is far from the game night that takes place on the dining room table! You and your family can bond over your favorite games and enjoy a break from phones, TV, work and life’s general craziness for an hour or two of simple enjoyment.
  • Picnic. Whether you eat at a stop you make on land or on the boat itself, a picnic combined with a day of boating can make for a fun and memorable meal. Have the family bring their favorite snacks, sandwiches, drinks and sides and load everything into a bag or basket—then look forward to your feast! After your boat day picnic, fast food and takeout will pale in comparison.
  • Camping. Few things go together as well as a boat trip by day and a family camping trip by night. Take your Monterey out to whatever nearby campgrounds you have access to—after a day on the water, set up fort and enjoy the outdoors! Then, in the morning, when everyone’s awake, you can head back onto the water and start all over again. Every kid has to have at least one camping trip in his or her scrapbook. No matter what state or country you live in, there are bound to be several options to choose from that let you get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, if only for a day or two.
  • Tubing. Jet skis—and pretty much every other water toy—are undeniably “cool,” no matter who you ask! But you don’t need them or other big-ticket items to really enjoy the water. On your boat trip, be sure to leave time for some lounging on inner tubes—for just a few dollars and several pumps of air, you can have fun in the water, too!
Back to the Basics: Being On the Water

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