Porthole Décor: A Maritime Relic Turned Conversation Piece

Fri, Mar 17, 2017 at 8:45AM

Porthole Décor: A Maritime Relic Turned Conversation Piece

Portholes in their purest form--small, circular, antique--may be less modern than the cabin windows of today... but we love them all the same! 

Instead of seeing them strictly on ships, however, we're seeing a trend of old portholes being used throughout the home to add a vintage, nautical nature to any space.

Wondering how to use these classic relics in your own home? Take a look below!

For subtle décor...

You can add a nautical touch to your bedroom, bathroom or living space without feeling as though you've stepped onto a ship! For a subtle way to use old portholes...

Hang one up as a mirror: What room couldn't use the addition of a good accent mirror? To enjoy this simple do-it-yourself project, you'll simply need to remove the original window pane, then substitute it with mirror glass for a clean, streamlined look.

Turn yours into a mini medicine cabinet: When you're in a storage pinch, the added depth of your porthole can be perfectly utilized as a keepsake space for spare change, jewelry, forgotten-about mail or simply miscellaneous odds and ends.

For kid's room fun...

Kids no doubt want an added sense of whimsy and monsters in their space. That's why the following porthole ideas work especially well in kid's bedrooms, playrooms, and other similar areas...

Creature from the depths: If you're especially crafty, you can create a paper-mache squid arm or similar feature to "jut out" from outside the porthole. This will create a three-dimensional effect in any space that's creative and young at heart.

Underwater scenes: To make a bedroom or playroom look like it's underwater, you can simply cut out a circular inlay of an underwater scene (of fish, a coral reef, an ocean horizon, etc.). and place it beneath the porthole's glass window. It will make any space look smart and sea-hardy!

Your home is a reflection of you--so why not dress it up in coastal finery and accents like these? We hope that today's blog helps you show off your love of boating and knack for nautical décor!

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