National Seafood Month: How to Celebrate

Mon, Oct 19, 2015 at 10:15AM

Every October, boaters, anglers and seafood aficionados all across the country celebrate National Seafood Month. This annual event highlights the country’s fishing industry and the value of smart seafood choices. Looking for ways to celebrate? We’re sharing a few in today’s blog. 

Go fishing for dinner

If you’re an avid angler (or want to become one), why not fish for your dinner this National Seafood Month? Depending on your location, October might mark the beginning of cooler temperatures in your area… but that doesn’t mean you have to stay off the water! Try your hand at fall bash fishing, or head to your nearest lake or ocean to fish for a timely local favorite. No matter where you go, have fun with it—after all, dinner always tastes better when you caught it yourself!

Try a new recipe

You don’t have to catch the fish yourself to make it delicious. For a hands-on way to enjoy your favorite dish, try out a new recipe from home. You can cook up your own delicious lobster, salmon or crab cakes and share your creation with family and friends. Check your recipe books, look online, or ask loved ones if they have a seafood recipe they’d like to share.

Cruise up to your favorite waterfront grill

If seafood in a restaurant is more your style, you may want to head to your nearest waterfront grill for your seafood fix. Because there are so many spots located right on the water (many of which offer pull up “parking” for your boat), make it a trip and bring the whole family! You may be able to enjoy the sunset or another beautiful view as you enjoy your seafood dinner.

Take part in a local seafood festival

Throughout the year, cities all around the US host seafood festivals to enjoy delicious culinary takes on classic seafood dishes—and these festivals don’t stop in the fall! In fact, there are several events taking place in October alone, in places from Florida to Maryland and Virginia. Find the festival nearest you and get ready to enjoy tasty seafood dishes—along with music, contests and other live events—with people like you.

Integrate seafood into your diet

Integrating seafood into your regular diet is something you can start in October and continue all year. By adding fish and other types of seafood to your palate, you can enjoy health benefits that are hard to find on land. If you’re cooking for kids or a selective group of eaters, you don’t need to worry—the variety of fish and seafood available means there’s bound to be something on the menu that everyone can enjoy.

While the warm weather fishing season may be drawing to a close, seafood season is not! Use this month to try new dishes, enjoy classic favorites, and spend time with others who want to do the same. Be sure to share your Seafood Month plans with us in the comment section!


National Seafood Month: How to Celebrate

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