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Earth Day: 3 Eco-Friendly Changes

Wed, Apr 22, 2015 at 9:45AM

Your springtime boating routine may not revolve around Earth Day, but the annual holiday is still worth a thought this year! Use this day to appreciate the natural side of your favorite travel destinations, and to brush up on your eco-friendly practices while out on the water.

If you’re looking for ways to go green and help preserve the natural beauty of the water around you, here are just a few ideas to keep in mind:

Get smart about your trash. Even the most conscious of boaters can have trouble with keeping their on-board trash on board. While you probably already know to stop from tossing plastic containers, leftover food and other trash off the side of your boat, it’s wise to take a few steps to prevent accidental slip-ups as well. While you’re entertaining or enjoying lunch on board, be sure to stow away trash regularly and, when possible, store it in a bag or bin below deck to prevent wind or big waves from sweeping your garbage out to sea. To keep your boat fresh and clean at all times, empty out any trash containers on board whenever you stop.

Be conscious: Above all, it’s just smart to stay alert and conscious when out on the water. While safe fuel practices and litter prevention are important practical steps, nothing beats good-old-fashioned common sense. Observe posted signs while out on the water, like those that tell you to slow down when travelling through marine animal zones. When you find that perfect, hidden, untouched offshore island or cove, help to keep it pristine for future travelers by making it as if you were never there.

It’s cooperation on the part of all boaters that can make your trips special for generations to come. So enjoy your spring and summer boating as much as you always have… and be green while doing it!

Earth Day: 3 Eco-Friendly Changes

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