Back to School: Boating Style

Tue, Aug 25, 2015 at 12:42PM

As kids all across the world get ready to head back to school (and you continue to wonder where the summer’s gone!), you’re probably looking for ways to keep up the fun and squeeze out every last drop of summer on the water. Before the kids return to school, show them a different kind of lesson—one on boating, fishing and basic water safety techniques that they’ll be able to put to use! Taking the time to teach kids on the water can help them understand important skills, but can also create long lasting memories you’ll appreciate long past the end of summer.

Here are just a few lessons to think about. Some may be as easy as a quick demonstration, whereas others may require the help of an instructor or other professional:

Knot tying: If you were ever a Boy Scout, knot tying was probably one of the most fundamental skills you ever learned. Your child should learn this classic lesson, too. Knots such as the anchor hitch, bowline or square knot are all helpful knots for boaters—you and your child can learn them together with the help of an online video or how-to!

Understanding the weather: Knowing how to read the clouds or interpret weather radar is a helpful skill for boaters who want to stay ahead of squalls while out on the water. Pick up a book or research clouds and the weather online… your child will come to understand complex weather systems and telltale signs of bad weather, but will also find something fun to do—weather watch—in the process.

CPR: Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is an incredibly important (and often live saving) skill to know! While hopefully you or your child will never have to use it, knowing CPR can give you added peace of mind while on the water or out camping. For this lesson, you’ll need to get certified, which can be done locally!

Swimming: If you have an especially young child, they may not know how to swim confidently yet. Take these last few weeks of summer to help them get comfortable with the water or learn to swim independently… whatever stage they’re at!

Scuba diving: Getting scuba certified is something you and your family can do together that will provide both of you with lots of fun and enjoyment on board. Doing so as the season winds down can ensure that you’re ready to take on fun scuba experiences as soon as possible.

On board tools: You may know how to use your GPS, radio, and other on board tools… but if your child isn’t, you may want to show them around your toolbox! Having them be familiar with a few tools and their functions can make quick repairs or maintenance on the boat easier—and it can also breed a sense of familiarity with the technical side of the boat, so that maybe one day they take up the activity as well!

What lessons do you consider “must-do’s” for on the water? Please be sure to let us know in the comments… and enjoy the rest of the summer on your Monterey!

Back to School: Boating Style

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