5 Ideas for Your On Board Lunch Sack

Sun, Sep 20, 2015 at 2:25PM

This fall, you may already have several early morning fishing dates lined up. On these days, you wake up early, head out before the sun is completely up, and prepare to enjoy a day of fishing and camaraderie that will last well beyond lunchtime. It’s one of our favorite fall time traditions—the only question is, what do you pack to eat on these days?

While it may seem like a simple question, boaters who frequent the water for long periods of time often find that something is missing in their on the water breakfast or lunch. If you crave something a little more fulfilling (that will still let you enjoy the water for all its worth), we’ve got a few ideas for you below:


Hearty meat sandwiches

One of the best things to pack in your on board lunch sack is a true classic: a hearty sandwich! This longtime favorite is so popular because while it fills you up and tastes great, it usually won’t leave your stomach feeling overly full or queasy (which is important to think about while out on the open water!). Pack at least two or three sandwiches for yourself and each passenger who’s coming along—options like whole wheat bread, lettuce, turkey, chicken, and other toppings always work well.


Dry crackers

Dry crackers are a go-to snack for anyone who is prone to seasickness, but they are also a great way to complement your basic on board foods. Because they are light and unflavored, these crackers can keep you content without leaving you too full or too hungry.


Cheese and cold cuts

If your passengers are a little more choosy with their on board lunches, a variety of cheese and cold cuts can let them decide for themselves what’s on the lunch menu. While you may not have the luxury of lots of deck space for a large platter, you can always keep Tupperware containers of your options below deck to save space and prevent any accidental messes.


Trail mix

Lots of people like to snack between their meals. If you’re one of them, be sure to pack a simple trail mix to bring on board. Combine some of your favorite salty (and sweet) foods such as pretzels, raisins, nuts, cereal… maybe even a sprinkle of your favorite chocolatey candies! By preparing a trail mix beforehand, you’re eliminating the need for frequent food breaks and making it easier to stay “filled up” throughout the trip.


Hot liquids

If you’re headed out before breakfast—or if it just happens to be an extra chilly day—you’ll definitely want some form of hot beverage to take along with you. Pour your coffee or hot cocoa into a thermos to enjoy throughout the morning. This is also a great way to pack your favorite soup for a warm treat later on. Coffee can cause your body to dehydrate faster, however, so be sure to supplement your morning coffee with plenty of water!

5 Ideas for Your On Board Lunch Sack

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