Why We Love Lakeside Cottages

Fri, Mar 27, 2015 at 7:05AM

We’re looking north to Toronto, Ontario this weekend for the annual Cottage Life Show! If you’re attending, you can expect to see a variety of exhibitors and activities directly related to boating, cottages, and the charm of lakeside living. You can even visit our own Monterey dealers, Gordon Bay Marine and Town & Country Marine, while you’re there!

In anticipation of this yearly event, we’re taking a look at lakeside cottages—why we love them, where they’re found, and why they are growing in popularity among boaters across the world.

A special closeness to water

Living in a cottage by the lake is something special—for boaters, it opens up access to the water for spontaneous boating trips and get-togethers on the shore. For those who move in to cottages, like the beautiful ones you can find on Lake Ontario, getting into the boating lifestyle is often something that inevitably follows. Who could resist it, when every day is spent by expansive, wide-open bodies of water? This, in tandem with the natural, rugged charm of cottages, makes boating almost a natural and inherent part of cottage living.

Detachment from the mainstream

We all like to get away now and again. While popular cottage destinations often develop their own “touristy” feel, they are still uniquely detached from the day-to-day culture of life further inland, which is a main selling point for those who chose to purchase or rent their own cottages. There’s something especially tranquil about waking up in the morning with the lake or trees on either side of you and your home.

Where to go

So what are the top destinations for these charming lakeside cottages? They can “pop up” almost anywhere you’ll find a big-enough lake and tree cover, to give the cottage its characteristic forest feel. This definitely makes sense—places like Toronto, New York’s Finger Lakes, and Denver, Colorado all fit the bill and all have their own cottages up for rent or sale—but you might be surprised that southern states like Florida have their own booming businesses in the cottage industry as well!

Anyone can (and probably would!) fall in love with the glitz and glamour of a beachfront mansion or penthouse, but there’s something to be said about the quiet contemplation, relaxation and family togetherness that are uniquely offered by a lakeside cottage. You can spend some time online to find the closest—or, if you want to get away, furthest—cottages. Maybe you’ll find your new home away from home; at the very least, you can appreciate lakeside living for a weekend away.  

Why We Love Lakeside Cottages

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