Vacation Planning with Kids: Our Favorite Ideas

Wed, Dec 02, 2015 at 3:45PM

If you and your family are eagerly counting down the days until you can be back on the water, you’re not alone. This winter, boaters all around the world are waiting for the weather to warm up so they can return to their favorite pastime.

If a family vacation is on your agenda once the season returns, we have a few fun vacation planning ideas to keep you and you and your family occupied while you wait.

Start a savings jar

Starting a savings jar specifically for your upcoming vacation is a great activity to do as a family, for a few reasons. Firstly, and most obviously, it gives you all the chance to put away some extra cash for vacation time fun. While little contributions now and then may not seem like much at the time, they do add up—and by the time your vacation rolls around, you may have enough to cover a nice meal, a family activity, souvenirs, or something else you can enjoy together.

A savings jar also gives kids a chance to help and get involved in the trip planning. Encourage them to deposit any change they may find at the bottom of their backpacks, for example, or around the house and in couch cushions. Even if it’s just small change here and there, it’s a tangible way for them to contribute to the trip and grow more excited for it every day.

Decorate your savings jar with chalkboard paint, ribbon or anything else you may have lying around. Keep it in a public, visible space (like your kitchen counter) to give everyone in the house something to look forward to!

Watch videos online

Watching videos online is practical for you—but it’s also an exciting activity your whole family can enjoy as you plan for your trip. Young kids especially will enjoy getting to see where they will be going, and videos can provide a visual, active look at what to expect.

Have everyone pick out a “must-do” activity

To make sure everyone has their say in the trip planning, give them all a chance to pick one “must-do” activity. This will allow everyone to get involved, and can keep priorities straight. While you will no doubt find filler activities and make plenty of other stops along the way, this step allows you to know what everyone’s really interested in.

Start a planning book

Just like you make a scrapbook after big trips, you can start a planning book before you head off. Use a notebook or binder and fill it with travel information, magazine clippings, necessary documents and other helpful information. This is an especially helpful idea if your vacation itinerary is particularly long or complex—some organization and prepping beforehand will let you relax when the time finally comes!

Design a dream board

In addition to your planning book, consider starting a dream board for this vacation and all the ones that follow. A dream board is traditionally used to showcase words, photos and items that motivate you and encourage you for the future—but you can use those same elements to create a visual representation of everything you hope to accomplish on your trip! Keep the board in a visible place to get everyone excited about the trip that’s on its way.

Once you get home, of course, you can devote the dream board to other goals and plans you have in store.

Planning a vacation isn’t always easy—but waiting for one can be even harder! We hope that these tips help you and your family plan for vacation in a fun, enjoyable way.

Vacation Planning with Kids: Our Favorite Ideas

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