5 Fun Vacation Ideas for the Family

Thu, Dec 03, 2015 at 3:50PM

Are you currently looking for ideas for your next family vacation? Whether you keep it close or venture to a far-off destination, any trip with the family can be a special one—especially when you travel by boat!

In today’s blog, we will be looking at five fun vacation ideas the whole family can enjoy.

Cabin stay by the lake

This classic type of trip is so popular because it’s easy to do virtually anywhere you may live—making it perfect for vacationers and “staycationers” alike. And it’s a year round possibility, too. Even if your destination is too cold for swimming during the winter months, you will still be able to cozy up in a warm cabin and enjoy afternoons of activities like fishing.

And, of course, cabin stays are big among boaters because they offer you the freedom to do what you want. That might mean afternoons filled with boating, early morning angling, water sports, hikes… your local lake has got it all, and you can do it all on your schedule.

Tropical getaway

For those families desiring something a little more exotic, there’s always the tried-and-true tropical getaway. You can drive, boat or fly (depending on where you may be!) to a tropical destination to enjoy warm, sunny weather and plenty of opportunities for boating and on-the-water fun. As you already know, this type of getaway is great for families who are looking to escape the winter cold this season, but are equally as fun any time of the year.

Adventure excursion

An adventurous trip filled with extreme water sports, whitewater rafting and other fun activities is perfect for thrill-seeking families. Many areas have these types of opportunities—and even if yours doesn’t, most are just a drive away!

Trip with coastal charm

For those families who like the charm and allure of a coastal or sailing town, there is no shortage of destinations to enjoy. Take the family to somewhere like Annapolis, a city rich with boating history, or sunny San Diego, where everyone enjoys boating in pleasant weather all year round. There are also plenty of spots in New England and other parts of the country to enjoy.

These types of trips are about more than just a pleasant time on the water—which, for most of us, is more than enough to say “sign me up!” for. Heading to coastal cities and boating towns allows you and your family to soak up the boating culture and learn more about the history behind your favorite pastime in a truly immersive way. So pick up a few brochures and stop in as many themed gift shops/restaurants/museums as you can, since this kind of trip is just as educational as it is enjoyable.

Family cruise

Finally, for the hands-off vacationer, there are few better ways to enjoy time on the water than with a family cruise. While you won’t be able to navigate your way through the waters, you will get to enjoy all the perks that come with it—such as sightseeing, dining and other activities both on and off the boat. There are cruises for just about every interest and destination you may be seeking out, from those geared more toward spotting wildlife and natural treasures to those that offer a resort-style getaway. It’s up to you!

We hope that these vacation ideas give you and your family something to look forward to in the coming year. Be sure to let us know in the comments what vacation you have planned for 2016!

5 Fun Vacation Ideas for the Family

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