Unwrapping the Greatest Gift of All

Sun, Dec 04, 2016 at 3:30PM

Unwrapping the Greatest Gift of All

Are you considering gifting a loved one with a Monterey Boat this holiday season? Congratulations! It's guaranteed to be one of the greatest gifts you ever give—and not just because of its sleek look or speed.

When you give a Monterey, you're not just giving the boat itself. You're making room for things like...

Family time

If you've been looking for ways to spend more time with family—especially in a new, exciting environment—a Monterey could be just the ticket. While it's true that you don't need anything new to spend time with the ones you love, having an instant way to turn the day around and head to a new place certainly helps! There's no shortage of memories to be made on the water, in new coastal destinations, or on quiet afternoons of fishing.

Stress relief

We all have a loved one who deserves a much-needed break—and in our book, there's no better break than a few hours on the water! Your gift of a Monterey might just show this person the simpler side of life, and will certainly provide them with a way to enjoy it!

A seafaring legacy

If you come from a long line of water lovers—whether it be anglers or extreme on-the-water sportsmen—it only makes sense that you want to share this legacy and tradition with someone in your own family. This holiday season gives you the chance to pass down a seafaring legacy to someone you love. Whether you share in the process of upkeep, or use their new boat to revisit old favorite spots, the gift of a boat is something special to share.

No-fuss vacations

Don't be at a loss the next time a school break or long weekend arrives and your kids ask, "what are we doing?". A Monterey for the family is one of the easiest ways to provide an endless amount of no-fuss vacations, since you never truly take the same excursion twice. Even local waterways are teeming with people, restaurants, shops and experiences to explore, and your gift of a Monterey boat provides an easy way to do it all.

A way to show you care

Even if the loved one on your list can't own a boat themselves, you can still give them the gift of boating! They won't need a slip at the marina or a big-enough garage to receive it—you can simply take them out on your very own Monterey. This is a fantastic way to say "thank you," to the person who first showed you the art of boating, lend your time to kids with a love of the outdoors, or give a thrilling experience to someone who can no longer boat on their own.

Whether you cruise to a new destination or spend an afternoon fishing at their favorite spot, this is a gift that they'll remember forever.

Need help finding the perfect Monterey for the special someone in your life? Or perhaps a gift for the family? Browse through our website or call a local Monterey dealer today—we're happy to help you make this exciting next step!

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