How To Gift A Monterey Boat This Season

Fri, Dec 10, 2021 at 10:35PM

How To Gift A Monterey Boat This Season

‘Tis the season of giving and gifting! There are so many great gifts for those who love the on-the-water lifestyle — new shades, water toys, stylish accessories for the ultimate excursion — but of course, none quite compare to an actual brand-new boat. If a new Monterey Boat factors into the equation this holiday season or approaching new year, you may find yourself faced with a very sweet dilemma: how do you gift it? Here are some ideas for sharing the gift of Monterey!

Wrapped In A Bow

One of the most obvious, extravagant ways to gift a Monterey Boat is to simply wrap it up in an oversized bow and surprise your giftee — aka the Car Commercial Treatment. (They even sell enormous red ribbons for this exact kind of occasion. Check them out online!)

Of course, hiding a boat before the big day can prove potentially challenging. And let’s face it, if you’re thinking of bringing home a boat this holiday season, there’s a pretty good chance you wouldn’t be springing it on an unsuspecting recipient — rather, it’s probably a purchase you and your loved one have been talking about for a while. But even if it’s not a true surprise, who says you have to forego the bow? Celebrate your new ride by decking it out in gift trimmings and snapping lots of photos with the family.

Throw A Surprise Boat-Warming Party

Sure, your boat may not be a secret to your family or significant other — but it can definitely still be a fun surprise for friends! If it’s warm enough where you live, invite your pals to a popular gathering spot (think, your favorite waterfront café or local lakefront park) and watch their faces light up when they realize you’ve brought along your very own boat.

Go “Window-Shopping” Online

Even if you’re not gifting yourself with a Monterey Boat just yet, you can still have lots of festive fun by going “window-shopping” for your new ride! Perhaps you’re looking for a boat in time for spring, or simply want to play around with potential models, styles, and configurations as you consider this exciting next step. Either way, Monterey’s Build A Boat feature has you covered. From the comfort of home, you can effortlessly browse our different collections (Sport Boats, M Series, Outboards, and Super Sports), experiment with different models and color combos, upholstery options, and so much more. At Monterey Boats, the best gifts are one-of-a-kind — just like you!

Another Kind Of Giving

Another extremely meaningful way to give the gift of Monterey this year? If you’re considering a new ride, you can give your current boat to a friend, family member, or organization (just check your local guidelines for how to do so!). You can also gift time on your Monterey, whether that means partnering with a local charity or simply taking out a friend or neighbor who doesn’t have their own ride.

As you’ve probably already discovered yourself, boating is the gift that keeps on giving (and giving, and giving...) — so whether you’re gifting yourself a new boat, or sharing the gift of on-the-water fun with someone special, you can’t go wrong making it a merry Monterey holiday. And from our family to yours, we hope you have a happy, splashing season ahead!

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