The Building Blocks of Boating Fun

Thu, Mar 08, 2018 at 4:53PM

The Building Blocks of Boating Fun

When you were a kid, you might have loved playing with blocks—the fun, easygoing pastime of building up something truly special from a few simple parts.

Today, you can still indulge in the pleasure of building something of your own—just swap out blocks for lux custom features, and a wood-brick house with the boat of your dreams.

In today’s blog, read about the custom quality that comes with Monterey’s effortless Build & Price feature. Just take a look!

Meet your model

First things first, choose the Monterey model that’s right for you. That shouldn’t be too tricky a task—you might have one in mind from what you’ve seen on the water, or from recommendations from family and friends.

Are you all about speed and sleek, quick maneuvers on the water? Our Sport Boat line might be right for you. Sport Yachts help make you feel amazingly at-home on the water, while our Surf Editions are especially apt at water sport thrills. Browse around our Models page to get an idea of the kind of adventure you crave… and the type of boat that can best help you get there.

Color considerations…

For many boaters, one of the biggest decisions to make is, inevitably, color. While it might seem inconsequential, it plays a key role in shaping the style and personality of your boat—so take your time!

Every model has a different color setup and design, with different ways to show off your stripes (literally). Bold, bright reds convey a sense of speed and excitement on the water; blues are apt in any maritime environment; while an all-white cruiser gives off a clean, sleek vibe. There is, of course, room to mix and match (it’s your boat, after all!), so you can try out complementary colors and see how they look next to one another.

See prices change in real time

The boat of your dreams is more accessible than ever. Choosing an affordable boat you truly love is simple, since our Build & Price feature lets you see price changes in real time. You’ll be able to see how different engine and color options affect the total cost, and won’t have to choose between a list of options by guessing your way through—we’ll let you know what costs you can expect, so you can make a more informed decision.

Make it yours

Speaking of options… here comes the fun part! Deck out your Monterey with additional features that help make it even more custom-suited to your kind of on-the-water adventures. Water sport fanatics will enjoy additions like the ski tow pylon, for example, while upgrades in the cockpit (to a table or woven flooring, for instance) can make the heart of your boat a readymade entertaining space.

Everyone has a different dream for their life on the water—for their cruising style, favorite pastimes, angling spots and galley treats. Your Monterey reflects everything that makes your on-the-water adventure so special—so it’s custom-suited to you and the waterways ahead.



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